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Chapter 7: welcome to aquatica!
(by emily, added on 24 February 2014 09:17 PM)

"welcome to aquatica!. welcome to aquatica!" a loud prerecorded anouncement could be heard as they neared the entrance.

their was quite a line to get in, but the girls, paying no attention to it, skipped past the people and straight in to the water park

sensible josh, meanwhile decided to stay in line like a normal person would.

when it came to lauren's turn to pay, she told the friendly assistant that her children had all ready gone in. " they are so excited, now... how much was it again?"?.

once inside, lauren scanned the busy area for the girls

she spotted them, near the little play area. they wern't in the water yet, but were watching the others having fun.

"it's so good you waited for us," lauren praised the girls. " we don't want you getting lost. now if you want to swim,, you can. you want to swim, josh?"

josh headed for the section of the park that contained the waterslides while lauren and the girls played in the still waters of the tiny play area.

" isn't this nice," said lauren who clearly apreciated the water after the heat of the sun, and the busyness of wallmart

everyone agreed and for the next few minits they splashed around, pushed each others heads underwater, and just had a good time.

soon though, it got boring and ellie in particular wanted to explore the rest of the park.

so back to dry land they went, to see what else they could do.

meanwhile, at the other side of the park, things wern't going so well for josh.

he had managed to find a waterslide- the biggist in the park, and climed the stairs to the top, however an elder boy- who also wanted to use the same slide, had gotten in to a fight with him about the line.

he was claiming he was in front of josh, and he now had him by the kneck trying to force him to the ground- so he could once again overtake him, and go down the slide.

the attendant though, spotting the argument stepped in, and allowed joshua to use the slide first- seeing as the elder boy was being agressive.

the other boy didn't take kindly to this at all, and as a result pushed joshua forward, causing josh to fall down the slide and land in the water

before he could get his breath, down came the elder boy- and hit josh at the bottom of the slide, pushing his head up against the side of the swimming pool.

then, in 1 quick move of his arms, the elder boy had josh under. and he wasn't letting go, either!

unaware of josh's predicament, lauren and the girls had found the lazy river and were now floating around on their tummies. their were rubber rings at the entrance, but they decided not to use them. mainly because they all needed cooling down from the heat.

" isn't this lovely?". ellie said. " i'd come back here for sure if i got the chance to. "

" we've plenty of time, ellie. if you want to come back here after we've done everything else, we can. "

as they rounded the corner by the waterfall, they were aproached by another tourist who was also enjoying the lazy river.

"excuse me, i hate to interupt, but arn't you the mother of that boy slightly older than the girls?. the one who went to the slides while you all went to the play area?. "

lauren was shocked. she'd never seen this person in her life. how in the world did she know about lauren and her family?

"uh, yes!. what about him?. " she managed to say.

"he's in trouble. " came the reply from the other tourist. " some older boy is well, uh, fighting with him. maybe you want to get to the sllides."

as the rapids came to an end, lauren and the girls got up and walked back along the path to the slides- despite various protests from ellie, who was obviously enjoying them.

once their, lauren looked in the water- and sure enough, their was her joshua, his head held underwater by the older boy, just as described.

what could she do?. how could she rescue her joshua

she called to the older boy...

"hey, you!. yes, in the blue swimming trunks!. can i see you for a second?."

he came out, with an evil grin on his face.

" so, what were you doing in their?. that kid is mine!. you know.. what you did is out of order. you best have an explanation for what you did!."

"screw explanations, my victim is getting away!. "

and with that, lauren jumped in to the water and started chasing the boy, and joshh across the pool.

"steven!. " a loud, booming voice suddenly shouted.

the boy raised a finger- but hardly said a word as he grabbed josh again.

the voice that had spoken was steven's dad. he too, was clearly annoyed with what was happening.

"steven!" he called again. " get out at once!."

" make me," the boy shouted back at him.

" if you don't get out, we're going back home. and i mean it!. first flight tonight!."

with that, steven let go of joshua and swam quickly to the edge of the pool and hurried to join his dad.

" thank goodness you're okay," lauren said as she reached joshua. " pay no attention to him, he's obviously disturbed, or something. "

steven's dad looked at her as if to say, he's my kid, don't talk badly about him

josh just sighed. " mom i want to go home, i don't feel well actually. i feel rather sick."

lauren thought for a while. she knew she couldn't let the girls down, but also knew that josh probably wouldn't enjoy himself if he stayed. not just because of steven, but how he felt inside would spoil it for him.

" waves!. look at the waves!. " diana had suddenly spotted a group of people heading in to a wave pool. " up and down, up and down, up and down just like a boat on a river!. please mom?. can we do the waves?. "

" yeah mom!. let's do the waves." ellie agreed.

lauren tried to explain about josh, but it was no use. the girls had started for the pool, and she had to catch up.

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