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Chapter 6: wallmart
(by emily, added on 24 February 2014 06:21 PM)

when josh said ellie would fall asleep when her head touched the pillow, he wasn't joking. in fact, everyone was sound asleep. even lauren had abandoned the rest of the packing to get a well earned rest, and by the time morning came with sun streaming in through the windows, their was still no movement from the room.

eventually, lauren stirred. she got out of bed quietly, and continued to unpack in silence, so as not to wake the others.

the first child to wake up was ellie. she sat up and asked where her hamster was. back at home, it always slept in her room.

"morning, ellie" lauren whispered. " the others are still in bed, so we've got to be quiet."

"where's my hamster?". ellie asked her mom

"we're not at home, remember?. we're at disneyland!. don't you remember?. yesterday we went on the big aeroplane - and that nice woman let us sit down in her row!. we're in america!"

ellie yawned. "we are?. my eyes still feel funny".

"you were out like a light last night, all of you were. you've probably not been able to focus properly on your surroundings yet."

eliie leaned over to diana, who happened to be in the bed right next to hers.

quietly, she removed the covers and said softly,

"psst!. wake up!. we're in florida!. it's morning!. come on!."

she stirred.

"really?". she was still yawning too. " wow, let's get this holiday underway!"
in the space of an hour, both josh and lucy had woken, taken it in turns to brush their teeth, got dressed, and they were now sitting on the bed facing the door.

lauran just had to get dressed, and presently she did, too.

"today, well... today, first we need to go to wallmart. we need to get suncream, we need to get snacks for the room. and if their's anything else you want, well you can have it. you've been such good kids!. "

"wall mart?. that's a funny name." ellie giggled

lauren patiently explained that wallmart was a big supermarket, where anything could be purchased.

"and if you're all ready," she said, " let's go and get our first real taste of florida!. "

the heat outside was, to put it short, unbearable. by the time they had got to the hire carr ellie and the girls were dizzy, josh was attempting to fan himself with a stone, and lauren, well, lauren just wanted to jump in a frozen lake.

" don't worry, kids!. once we're in wallmart, i'm going to buy you some of those portable fans. you can cool yourself while we're out. how's that?"

wallmart wasn't much of a hit, with anyone.

lauren pulled up in to a very busy carpark. people of all ages were rushing about with trolleys, or small kids, some of them even pushing and shoving to get in front of everyone else.

the only advantage of being in wallmart was that it was air conditioned. as soon as they stepped through the doors, they felt instant relief from the harsh sun outside

still, it was busier. every isle was just as mannic as the last. josh even commented that it reminded him of the airport.

" so that's suncream, drinks, fans, crisps, chocolate. " lauren was saying as she put the items in the trolley 1 by 1 then rushing down the next isle. "have i forgotten anything?"

it was clear that she'd forgotten quite a bit. by the time they left the store, they had 4 rubber rings, 4 footballs, a big inflateable crocodile, a tickle me elmo, 4 peppa pig hats and some fake nails. that's with all the other stuff, too.

they left the store in high spiritds wearing their stupid hats and snorting like pigs. even the heat didn't seem to matter. it was a pure state of joy, with even lauren taking part. she kept pressing 1 of the tickle me elmos, causing it to laugh constantly, then pretending the batteries were stuck, and that she couldn't stop it.

back at the hotel, lauren dropped the stuff off in their room and then suggested spending the afternoon at the pool.

" no!". diana wasn't having any of it. "let's go and see what we can find!. we've done the pool!".

"yes," lauren calmly explained. " but we're going to be using it a lot while we're here. "

they ended up not staying at the pool, rather they all went to a water park, which proved an instent hit.

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