christmas in orlando

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Chapter 5: settiling in
(by emily, added on 5 December 2013 10:28 PM)

the sun was setting as they pulled in to international drive. the girls had been quiet, since they were tired from the flight. joshua had just been staring out the window, like he usually does.

the hotel room they were staying in was pretty big. their was a double bed, and the rest of the beds were single. but their was enough beds for all of them. their was a tv, a wardrobe, and a small, but nice bathroom.

" now then" said lauren. " we're finally here!. isn't that great?. now, while i unpack the cases, why don't you go explore the hotel?. i'm sure you all are glad to be here and want to.....
then she got an idea. " actually," she was smiling. " who's for a late night swim?. i can unpack your cases first, and you can swim while mommy unpacks hers!"

" oh yes, yes!" screamed ellie. " a swim". ellie was an expert swimmer. back home, she was a member of thursday night swimming club, and her, and the other members of the club, would do lengths of the pool, fancy tricks underwater, even swim on their backs

soon, all the children had their swim suits on and were ready to go

"now be careful," said lauren. " and don't talk to strangers!"

soon, they were out of her sight, and headed down to the pool.

as they went through the gate, they noticed that for late at night, the pool was still really busy. lots of boys and girls, and their moms and dads watching from chairs.

their were even rubber rings in the pool, and ellie really fancied the idea of having one herself

splash!. they all jumped in together

the water was cold, and at once they all started shivering

" just keep moving, you'll soon warm up!". joshua was zooming round the pool like a mad man.

they spent a good 40 minits in the pool alone, before lauren came out to join them

" having fun?" she asked.

" was cold to start off with," lucy told her. " but now we're warm... we've been moving round and round really fast"

" come in the water lauren!" shreeked ellie

" not me, not today. " said lauren. " i really don't feel like it.. today's been so stressfull."

after their swim, they all returned to the room where talk began of what they were planning to do, what they wanted to do, and what was around to do. things to do, in short.

" well, now we're here, i suppose i better draw up a skedule of things we should be doing... we don't want our holiday going wrong do we?"

" i want to see mickey mouse. i love mickey mouse!". ellie was jumping up and down on her bed making squeaking noises

" okay, mickey mouse.... who else has an idea?"

" maybe see some of the malls, and other sites of orlando," joshua offered. " it's hard to plan things because we've not really seen what's around. "

" what about lots and lots of swimming!" shouted lucy. " the pool is lovely!"

lauren wrote it all down. " yes.... yes, and yes!. we will do it all... we've plenty of time. now then before bed, does anyone want to watch tv?"

" i'm not tired!" screamed ellie. " i slept on the plain, i slept in the car, i slept in the terminal, i'm wide awake now!. "

joshua snorted. " you will be tired once your head hits that pillow, we all will. "

" yes," agreed lauren. " let's just go to bed now. tomorrow we'll start our wonderful adventure!"

they all said good night, and settled in to bed. it was such a lovely hotel, such a lovely pool, the girls were so thankful to be their, and secretly, lauren was smiling knowing she had pleased them

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