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Chapter 4: are we their yet?
(by emily, added on 16 November 2013 11:20 AM)

if i was to sit here writing everything that happened at the airport on that morning, i'd be here all day. i'm sure you want to know what happened once the family arived in florida, right?.

well, read on

by the time they had all eaten breakfast, passed through duty free, and waited a good hour in the departure lounge, they were all extremely tired. as a matter of fact, the girls had gone off the idea of disney all together. they just wanted to go home now, even ellie who obviously wanted to go, was starting to wish she hadn't woken so early.

" this is the last call for virgin atlantic flight Q Y T 503 to orlando florida. could all passengers please proceed to gate number 12. "

" wake up," called lauren, as she heard the anouncement.

soon, after much hesitation, they were all on their way to the gate. joshua in front, with lauren and the girls dragging behind.

" can i see your boarding passes?" asked the lady at the door of the plain. " you all look so tired!. long journey?. "

" we've been going since 4a.m, " lauren wearily told the flight assistant. " here are the passes, we're off to sit down now. "

" wait a minit," said the assistant. " you do know that their is no seats together, right?. you can't sit together. "" we had this problem at the check in desk, i have to sit with my kids, okay?. they can't sit alone. "" well, " she surveyed the tired family standing before her. " you know what i'm going to do. i'm going to sit you down, and then later, we'll see if we can get someone....."

" no!. " snapped lauren. she was clearly irratated. " you either find us 4 seats together, or we're getting off, and catching the next flight. "

" with an attitude like that, " shot back the assistant, " you probably should. "

they exchanged looks

" how dare you speak to 1 of your passengers like that," lauren began. " are you always this rude?. do you want to be reported?. "

" fine!. " a woman behind them had had enough of this argument. " if it means peace on the flight, i'll move. yes i've got kids, but they are old enough to take care of themselves.... i'll move!."

as she rose from her seat, the kids scrambled in to the row, with lauren sitting on the end.

" you're a gem," lauren said to the woman who had just given up her and her kids seats.

she gave a half smile. " i know what it's like traveling with a family, especially a family like yours. i'm a single mom too, and i've traveled before. it can get tiring. "

" where are you staying?" lauren asked out of curiosity.

" international drive," she said.

" oh, so are we. " said lauren. " we might see you their. "

with that, they waved to each other, and lauren and her family settled back to enjoy the flight.

" you may as well go back to sleep, " she told the girls. " it's an 8 hour flight. plenty of time for you to get a lot of rest. "

the plain lifted off the ground, and they were finally on their way!. after all these hours of waiting, they were off!.

about 3 hours in to the flight, the cabin lights got switched on and around came a rather energetic member of the cabin crew, offering food to the passengers.

when she got round to lauren's row, lauren ordered a meal for herself, but told her not to wake the girls. 1 meal is all she'd be needing.

but, it was too late. at the mention of food, ellie had opened her eyes, and was staring up at the lady who had mentioned it.

" do you want something little girl?. " she asked, smiling at her.

" oh yes, can i have some crackers please?. and a glass of apple juice?"

she smiled again. " yes, you may. "

the flight passed. it was mostly peaceful, but sometimes interupted by the captain's anouncements, or ellie's mouth as she feasted on the crackers.

at long last, came the anouncement lauren was waiting for.

" welcome to orlando, florida!. we thank you for choosing virgin atlantic, and look forward to seeing you on your return journey. "

she gently woke the kids 1 final time, for the last part of their journey.

" are we..... are we their yet?. " yawned diana, as she stretched.

" mommy's now got to get the hire car, and drive you to the hotel. then we'll be here. "

we leave the family now, as they exit the plain, and get the car to take them to their final stop.

their holiday had started well, even if it wasn't totally perfict. they had made it.

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