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Chapter 3: terminal trouble
(by emily, added on 13 November 2013 07:57 PM)

the airport, was indeed, extremely busy. even before they entered the terminal, it was clear that the next few hours were going to be hectic.

when joshua finally arived with the cases, they loaded them on to the trolley, and off they went to find check in.

it wasn't too difficult to find... a large line of people standing by a sign that read florida, was all it took.

" and now, " said lauren, " we wait in line. it's all we can do for now. "

the kids sighed. they hated waiting in line. ever since lauren had taken them to see finding nemo at the movie theater and they had to evacuate the auditorium, waiting in line had been a real chore.

joshua remembered that they had to wait at least 2 hours outside, before being told that they couldn't go back in today, but they would get tickets for another time.

" i hope we don't have to wait 2 hours today", he thought.

but, they didn't have to as very soon, they had made it to the front of the queue

"checking in for florida?" said a friendly, upbeat checking assistant

" yes," said lauren. " all 4 of us"

the check in assistant looked at her computer, then turned back to lauren.

" i'm sorry," she said, " we seem to have a problem. their's plenty of space left on the plain, or at least, 4 seats, but none of them are together. in fact, they are all at diffrent areas of the plain. "
lauren sighed. " i need to look after my kids, i don't know what would happen if i let them sit alone... especially the smaller ones!". pointing at ellie, she continues.. " and this one's never been on a plain, she'll need comforting."

the assistant nodded understandingly but told her that it was impossible to change seats, as all the other seats were booked.

" i suppose once you're on the plain you could try and figure something out, but for now, this is what you have. now... can i have your cases?"

1 by 1 the cases were put on the counter. the assistant tagged them, and then went through the standard questions... did you pack them yourself?. any sharp objects?. etc

once they had past through and they were far enough away from the desk, ellie screamed " you forgot the fireworks!. we've fireworks in our cases!"

" ellie!" joshua was frowning at her. " that's not very wise. what if we get caught?. you could get caught for saying that, you know"

but they had seemed to get away, this time.

" so now for breakfast" said lauren. " their does not seem to be a breakfast bar around here, so it's the choice of burger king, mcdonalds or KFC, i know it's early for any of those... but which will it be?"

" well, mcdonalds do have breakfasts, very good ones at that, " said joshua who was remembering the time he had gone with a few friends to mcdonalds for breakfast when electricity had been cut off in his house

" i want chippies,. " said ellie
" pancakes!" squealed diana. " and i'll have some rice crispies," aded lucy

lauren sighed. " well, we can't have all that.... it's 1 or the other". she finally put her foot down and said, " okay, mcdonalds. like it or not, we're going to mcdonalds"

hearing this, both lucy and diana started to scream, kick lauren, stick their tung out at passing airport staff, and show themselves up, to put it short

after several apologies lauren had to make to passing passengers and staff, she turned to face the girls

" listen to me, " she started firmly. " i'm pretty sure that when you get to america, you can have all the pancakes and cerial you like. but for now, you can choose from some nice delicious......"

she stopped talking just in time to see joshua slip and fall backwards on to the floor.

joshua screamed, " don't push me!"

diana giggled. " well, perhaps if you didn't suggest such a lame idea as mcdonalds...... i wouldn't have. now get up and stop being a baby."

" enough!" said lauren. " can we go to breakfast now?"

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