christmas in orlando

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Chapter 23: will he find us?
(by emily, added on 3 January 2018 12:05 PM)

the next morning was christmas eve.

lauren woke the girls early, and explained to them that tonight, santa was going to come to the hotel to leave presents.

" how does santa know we're in florida?" asked diana.

lauren smiled, and laughed.

" santa knows everything" she said. " santa's magic."

ellie looked sad

" what's wrong ellie?" asked lauren.

" it's almost the end of our holiday, I don't want to go home" she said.

lauren walked over and hugged her.

" we still have christmas" she said softly. " and, if you want, we can go to aquatica again."

" we can?" asked ellie in excitement. " now?"

" why not." grinned lauren, and they set off to aquatica, christmas music blaring from the radio speakers.

that night when they got home the atmosphere was gloomy.
they had had fun at aquatica, but the girls were thinking

thinking about the end of the holiday.

" santa's coming tonight" lauren said with excitement. " with all our presents."

" he won't find us," said diana. " santa lives in the north pole, not orlando."

lauren hugged diana. " he'll find us," she said quietly. " he will always find us."

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