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Chapter 2: in the taxi
(by emily, added on 13 November 2013 04:59 PM)

it was still dark outside, and still very cold. it was only 4 in the morning- and even though the children seemed to enjoy being up at this hour, lauren was obviously getting tired, and wishing she booked the family on to a later flight

" i know i'm doing this for the kids," she told the taxi driver. " but i'm.... i'm exhausted!. and we're not even at the airport"

the taxi driver nodded. " can't be easy with 4 kids," he said warmly

soon everyone was in the taxi. the children in the back seat, mom in the front next to the driver.

" we're all going on a summer holiday.....". joshua stopped singing after a stern look from lauren.

" joshua, it's december. it's hardly summer. now, be quiet... and let's drive in peace"

as they aproached the motorway, a voice came from the back of the taxi... " want we"

" who's saying that?" said lauren turning to face the kids

" ellie," joshua said.

lauren scowled. " you had your chance to go at the house, you didn't go. now you'll have to wait until we reach the airport. but it shouldn't be long if this taxi driver knows what he's doing. "

ellie persisted until eventually the driver interupted, " it's okay, we can pull in to a garage... i really don't mind. "

lauren sighed and mumbled under her breath something about the kids wanting to buy half the shop/

after the stop at the garage, which turned out to be quite un eventfull, lauren decided to play a game with the kids.

" right, let's play a game of eye spie. who first?"

ellie started... " eye spie, with my little eye, something beginning with m"

" a monster?" asked joshua

ellie laughed. " do you see any monsters here?. "

" me!" screamed lucy. " it's me!"

ellie shook her head

" mug" said the driver. "mugs of juice"

again, ellie shook her head

" well.... is it mummy?" asked diana thoughtfully.

again, that wasn't the answer, either

" come on ellie, " said joshua. " we give up... what is it?"

" mickey mouse!" ellie screamed triumphantly. " no one got it so it's my turn again!"

the others started to point out that mickey mouse wasn't in the taxi, but lauren waved a hand at them as a signal to be quiet

" just go to sleep!. this eye spie game's getting old all ready. we've got.... how long's left now?"

" 1 hour" said the driver. " sleep kids, it will pass quicker"

no one spoke. they knew the day hadn't even begun. 1 hour in the taxi was just the start. a couple of hours in an airport, 8 hours on a plain, then another hour to get to the hotel.... it was going to be a long day, indeed.

never the less, the girls settled down in the back seat to sleep while joshua looked out of the window, counting the stars, or sometimes looking for cars, or signs that it might be getting lighter.

an hour later, joshua shook the girls awake 1 by 1.

" we're here, " he said. " we're at the airport"

at once, ellie undid her seatbelt, stood up and clapped her hands together. she was so happy to bee their.

" now then," said lauren. " keep together, because it's a big airport and it's so easy to get lost. josh can get the cases, we'll meet him inside"

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