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Chapter 19: josh's own chapter (part 2)
(by emily, added on 28 July 2017 11:24 AM)

the plain flew through the air.

josh was sitting in his seat, headphones on, watching the fast and the furious on the screen in front of him.

the fast cars gave him a distraction from the long flight ahead.

"what's that smell?" said a passenger behind josh. " I can smell something."

soon after he'd mentioned it, other passengers began to stop what they were doing, and notice the strong smell of smoke in the air.

even josh, fixed on the fast and the furious, took his headphones out for a second to take in the sceen.

another passenger spoke up.

" it's smoke in the cabin. the cabin is on fire. "

others responded with comments like, don't be so daft, or it's probably just someone smoking on the flight who shouldn't be, theories were talked about all through the plain.

soon though, the captain came on the PA system and confirmed their worst fears.

" their is a fire in the cabin," he said, " but please don't worry, we'll going to land the plain, and evacuate everyone."

as the captain started to make an emergency landing on the water, their was a sudden scream, some passengers stood up, and their was a bang.

the cabin lit up like a bonfire. it wass complete devistation.
some people were unresponsive, some others coughing trying to get breath, some just pannicking so much that they couldn't stop screaming

the captain, had lost all sense of control, and before long,


the entire plain crashed with such force, that the people standing up screaming fell forward banging their heads on the seats or the overhead lockers.

josh was sitting at the back of the plain.

he was breathing heavily and thinking only 2 things.

1. he really, really wanted lauren

and 2, he hoped to god that someone would save them, before it was too late.

the crew of the aircraft were the first to respond.

they started emergency procedure, getting people off the flight, down the escape slides and in to the water.

sadly, a lot of people didn't make it to the doors.

the fire raged on, and most collapsed from lungs filled with smoke while trying to get out.

but what about josh at the back of the plain.

did he make it?

that's for another chapter..

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