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Chapter 18: fat linda
(by emily, added on 20 April 2017 12:17 PM)

"okay," said lauren after the girls had finished their lollies, " you can have 1 last dip in the pool, then we must get ready for the evening!".

the girls were off to enjoy the water.

lauren sat back and thought about what she'd just said.

ready for the evening, what exactly were they going to do this evening?

lauren thought about this.

they'd been to an amusement park, they'd fed dolphins, they'd be to a water park, they'd been to a nice cafe, truth be told, lauren was tired and just wanted to return to the UK.

her thoughts were interupted by ellie, who suddenly came running up to lauren her hands outstretched.
"mummy!" she exclaimed. " mummy!"

"what is it ellie?" asked lauren. " and where are the others."

"mummy their is a really fat lady in the water!. she's going to empty the pool and we're all going to sit on the bottom of the empty pool, mummy she's going to eat all the water."

lauren looked mortified

"ellie!" she exclaimed. " you don't go round telling people they are fat!".

ellie just stretched her little arms as far as they would go, and replied " mummy I bet she is this big!"

the woman in question had heard, and had started to leave the pool.

lauren looked away, hoping that she wouldn't realise that ellie was her daughter, and would just walk on by

but she stopped in front of lauren and ellie, her face furious.

"so i'm fat, am I?" she asked, looking directly in to ellie's eyes

"oink oink", ellie said. " a talking pig!,."

lauren looked from the woman to ellie, and then back at the woman.

she was speechless

" hey piggy, " ellie continued, " can I have some bacon?."

" she's only a kid," lauren suddenly said as the woman reached down, her hand made in to a fist. " don't hit her.".

"am I fat?" she asked.

" no, of course not." said lauren. " but it's what kids do, well, naughty kids, fair enough. but she's a good one at heart. i'm lauren, this is ellie."

"i'm linda," linda said. " I live in florida."

"linda?" asked ellie, " why do you have a funny accent?."

" uh," lauren said, " that's because she lives in america. she's not brittish like us.".

linda turned to lauren.

" is she always like this?" she asked.

" oh no, not at all," said lauren. "she's usually a really good kid. we have 3 others too, diana, lucy, and joshua. joshua went home because he wasn't enjoying the holiday, and lucy and diana are swimming."

"I don't have any children of my own," said linda, " i just come here for the sun."

"I came here for christmas vacation," lauren said. " but i'm starting to regret it, all these rides, and costly food, and hotel problems..."

" florida's not just about theme parks," linda said. " have you visited the mall, for example?".

" well, I did visit it once," said lauren. " but actually the girls didn't like it and we had to come home."

"I could watch the girls while you go to the mall," said linda. "I really don't mind, hey, I might get to know theem better."

"good luck," lauren smiled. " you're going to need patience of steel."

"and," linda aded, " tomorrow night, I am going to this pirate themed show. it's a pirate showm, really good for the kids, and they provide the food while you watch."

"I don't know," said lauren. " how much is it for 4 people?."

linda smiled at lauren.

"I can pay for you all," she said. " think of it like a favor."

" you're most kind," said lauren. " we'll think about it and get back to you. are you round the pool tomorrow?."

"oh no," said linda. " tomorrow i'm going to universal studios."

" universal what?" said lauren. " what's universal studios when it's at home."

" a theme park," said linda flatly. " listenn, I know you don't like theme parks, but this one is good. I promise."

with that, linda glared at ellie, and walked away

" bye linda," lauren called after her

"yep, bye fat cow" shouted ellie. " moooo!"

"ellie!" gasped lauren. " what's got in to you?"

lauren called thee others together.

" come on girls," she said, " that's enough swimming!. let's go and get ready for the evening, and no" she looked at ellie, " before you ask, no, we're not going to aquatica. after the way you've behaved today, do you really think you deserve to go?"

lauren made sure she had everything, and then they headed back to their room

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