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Chapter 17: sweet relief
(by emily, added on 18 April 2017 11:57 AM)

"yea, he'll be at the airport in..... say, 5 hours" lauren was speaking on the phone to michael.

"yeah, I managed to get him on a flight, the only one leaving for the UK today. pretty lucky really, god i'm glad he's gone."

the conversation on the phone seemed to last for hours, and when she finally hung up the phone, she turned round to find ellie standing their looking at lauren shocked.

"mummy?. you're really glad he's gone?"

lauren thought about the question

"well," she said slowly, "I know this is a family holiday, and it would have been nice if josh had stayed, but..... well, he was naughty with the dolphins wasn't here, and he didn't like where we ate and stuff, he didn't like aquatica, now we can just enjoy ourselves".

"aquatica!" screamed ellie. "mummy please?. can we go to aquatica?. please?"

lauren checked her watch.

it was 12 30 in the afternoon. it was very hot, and lauren certainly didn't fancy driving

besides, she thought, yesterday was a very long day, with the magic kingdom and the problems at the hotel

"not today," lauren finally said.
ellie started to stamp her feet and scream "aquatica!. aquatica!. aquatica!" she kept screaming.

"be quiet!" lauren said sternly

ellie backed away her face showing fear.

" oh no sweetie.... mummy didn't mean to make you scared. she's just tired and wants a rest. now, why don't you go and play with lucy and diana?"

"I can't see them" ellie announced, after scanning the crowds of children around the swimming pool.

lauren couldn't see them either.

"where are they?" she asked out loud

lucy and diana were inside their hotel room eating cookies.

they had obviously heard the conversation with michael too, and had just gone inside to be away from mummy, and give her space.

diana was drawing in her spongebob book, and lucy was watching.

"I don't know where they are," lauren said. "why not just go for a swim in the pool and cool off?. mummy wants to sleep in the sun."

" okay, mommy," said ellie, and off she went to splash around with the other children.

lauren yawned, and before she could even think about the next few hours, she was fast asleep.

she was jolted awake about 3 hours later by something ice cold on her face.

she opened her eyes slowly and looked up.

lucy and diana stood their over their mother, both with ice lollies.

" where'd you get them?" lauren asked. " we don't have any in our room."

" we found them on the floor in the coridor," said diana. " and we just thought some other little girl didn't want them and, well, now they are ours."

"oh, right," said lauren as she turned away in disgust. " that's..... nice. um.... why don't we have a mcdonalds... you know, a fresh one".

the girls continued to suck their ice lollies, ellie started to cry because she didn't have one.

" never mind," said lauren. "i'll get you one, if I can find out where you get them."

deep down she was thinking she should probably get lucy and diana one too.

but the girls were young. they didn't know it was wrong to eat stuff off the floor, and this was a holiday. lauren was okayh with letting them do it, even though she didn't actually aprove of it.

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