christmas in orlando

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Chapter 16: josh's very own chapter!. (part 1)
(by emily, added on 29 March 2017 04:32 PM)

it turns out, lauren was able to find her purse, and book josh on to a flight the following afternoon.

now josh was in a taxi, leaving the hotel and heading for the airport

the sun was high in the sky, and josh felt very hot.

he said goodbye to lauren and the girls at the hotel, and the girls (especially ellie), were really sad to see him go

the taxi driver asked, "so where are you going?. flying to another part of the US?"

"no", said josh. "i'm going back to england, I was with my family on holiday to florida, but I didn't like it here, so..."

they arived at the airport, and the taxi driver helped josh with his case.

inside the airport, josh found a trolley and started the rooteen to get on to his flight leaving in 2 hours time.

he had loads of time to spare after passing through security, so he decided to look at the shops.

he braught a book to read on the plain, a drink, and some alcahol for michael and kelly.

he even had time to eat a sandwich and drink some coffee, before his flight was called.

he found the gate and boared the flight.

the flight was very busy, but josh found a window seat and settled back with his book.

as the plain started down the runway, josh could feel something wasn't right with it, something was making the journey rough

and oh, how right he was.

if josh knew that today's flight was going to end in tragity, he would have chosen to stay in orlando

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