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Chapter 15: a night of drama
(by emily, added on 9 March 2017 12:16 PM)

by the time the family had had dinner in the park, and did a few more rides, it was getting really late.

lauren looked at her watch.

" 9 pm!" she looked startled. " 9 pm. the girls should be in bed."

ellie wasn't tired.

she was standing facing cinderella castle, her eyes focused on what seemed to be another rope being put up.

" another parade!" she screamed. " mommy mommy, another parade!. can we watch it.?"

lauren sighed. " okay," she said, " but it's getting really late. after this has finished, we're going back to our hotel."

it wasn't a parade that was about to happen, but a firework display.

the girls watched, their eyes fixed to the sky, as hundreds of fireworks were set off, lighting up the darkness.

"it's amazing!" exclaimed ellie.

" it's terrific!" added diana

" I love fireworks," said lucy.

" blah," said josh turning his head

lauren took more pictures.

at the end of the display, lauren, the girls, and josh, left the theme park, and headed back to their hotel on international drive.

when they arrived back, lauren was exhausted. all she wanted to do was get in to bed, and sleep.

the same could be said for josh, but the girls wern't tired at all.

"laate night swim?" asked ellie.

" no," said lauren. " not tonight, it's too late. the pool's shut now. but, since today we had a busy day in the theme park, tomorrow we'll spend all day by the hotel pool."

as she finished her sentence, something rushed past her.

something small and very fast.

soon, a lot more small, fast things rushed past lauren.

"I know what they are," said ellie. "mice!".

"mice?" asked lauren. " in our hotel room?. how did mice get in to our hotel room."

she rang down to the reception adn explained that their room was now covered with mice.

"well," said the receptionist, " if you want to move rooms, it's going to cost extra."

he checked his computer screen

" we do have a spare room actually," he said. " just 1. but it will cost you at least $100 to move."

"$100?" asked lauren in shocked. " is their nothing else you could do?."

their was silence at the other end of the line while the receptionist thought about it.

" well," he said, "I could transfer you to another hotel, that will only be $40."

lauren sighed. she wanted to sleep, not deal with mice in the room, andthe posibility of moving.

"fine," she said. "we'll move hotels. can you get us in by tomorrow.?"

lauren hung up the phone and turned to face her children.

"i've got good news and bad news" she said.

"the good news is that we're staying in florida. the bad news is, we have to move hotels, and we won't get any sleep tonight, so why don't you all pack and we'll get moving."

"now is probably a good time to mention," said josh, " I have decided to go home to the UK. I don't like it here, and I miss my friends back home."

lauren sighed. now, noto nly did she have to pay for a hotel transfer, but also she had to pay for a flight home forj osh.

"i'll work on it tomorrow," she said. "I'll try and get you a flight. I think it's ashame you want to go home, but it is up to you."

lauren and the family got in to their hire car, and drove to the new hotel.

it wasn't too far from the old one, which lauren thought was good.

"so," said the receptionist at the new hotel," the money please for the transfer?."

lauren froze.

as she went to get her purse to pay the receptionist, she realised that her purse was missing.

she mumbled under her breath

" everything okay?," asked the receptionist.

"I can't seem to find my purse," said lauren.

turning to the girls, she asked, " did 1 of you remember to take it?"

they shook their head.

" just pay us next time," said the receptionist. " I mean it, you look tired. go up to bed."

" oh thank you," said lauren, who needed her sleep.

her and the family went in the elevator to find their room.

the new room was a lot smaller, and actually lauren found it difficult to find places for all their stuff.

but they eventually settled down to rest.

josh and the girls fell straight asleep.

but lauren lay awake, wondering what had happened to her purse.

she was sure she had it with her in the car on the way to the new hotel

sure of it

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