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Chapter 14: 5 minits of fame
(by emily, added on 28 February 2017 11:15 AM)

the magic kingdom was the family's next stop.

the magic kingdom, the biggist of all the theme parks, was going to great, lauren thought

despite pretending to be ill, or come up with other excuses of why he should stay at the hotel, josh was forced to come along too.

lauren thought to herself, this is a theme park.. what could josh do that could spoil it?. how can a trip to a theme park go horribly wrong.

they arived before opening, but their was all ready a queue of excited children and their family.

lauren and the children got in the queue right at the back.

" are we going to actually see mickey mouse?", asked ellie. she really wanted to see mickey mouse, ever since day 1.

"maybe" said lauren, "I think they do offera meet and greet with him, yeah.".

ellie grinned.

josh just looked away. mickey mouse and screaming girls was not what he wanted to see.

once inside the park, lauren studdied the map.

"the park is huge", she said. "we should probably just do everything in order, so we don't miss anything."

the girls agreed, and josh just grunted.

first up was the jungle cruise. it was a boat tour of a jungl. it wasn't really a hit with anyone, but the lady leading the boat tour was very funny. she even told jokes, though josh- and actually half the people on the tour found pretty lame.

finding out about the animalss wasn't really what anyone wanted either.

even ellie lost interest half way round, and piped up " this isn't very disney like, is it."

after the jungle cruise, came the enchanted ticky room.

a show featuring singing birds wasn't exactly what the family wanted either.

the song, the ticky ticky ticky room, was very catchy, and as they left the atraction, they were all singing it in their heads.

josh, however, just held his head low and looked like he just sat through a performance of an opera.

lauren trried to encourage him to join it, but without much success.

josh didn't want to be in a busy theme park full of annoying loud children, and stomach churning rides.

josh wanted to be in the mall, or better still, he wanted to be on the plain home.

other highlights of the morning included the haunted mantion- a ghost train through a mantion, it's a small word- a gentle boat ride, with an annoying catchy theme tune, splash mountain, where everyone got soaked, and the tomorrowland transet authority, a train ride around 1 of the areas.

josh actualyl liked the tomorrowland transet authority, he did. he realised thad that this ride wasn't full of screaming children or annoying music, and even commented to lauren that he enjoyed it.

lauren smiled, josh had actually found something in the magic kingdom that he liked.

"amazing" lauren thought. "I didn't think i'd ever see the day."

after lunch, josh asked lauren if he could ride on the Carousel of Progress, a show that showed you the history of technology over the ears.

lauren smiled, and was glad that josh had actually asked to do something.

the girls hated Carousel of Progress, ellie even fell asleep.

"wake up ellie" said lauren, as the cast completed the final verse of the atractions theme tune, "great big beautiful tomorrow.". " it's over.".

josh wanted to stay inside the theater and do it all over again, but lauren wanted to treat the girls to something now, josh had had his turn.

tlauren took the girls down mainstreet USA, which was busy with parents and children walking to and from the diffrent park areas.

"and now," lauren said to eliie, " you know you wanted to meet mickey mouse?. well, now's your chance."

ellie got to meet mickey mouse, donald duck, goofy, pluto, anna and else from frozen, and even simba and mufasa from the lion king.

lauren took pictures of it all.

"we can show these to michael and kelly when we get home" she said. "i'm sure they'd want to see pictures of you all having fun."

it was getting hot now. the sun was really high in the sky, and josh especially was feeling the heat.

he asked lauren if they could go back to the hotel and cool offf, but lauren said that the girls were enjoying it and she wanted to stay a little longer.

" it is hot though," lauren admitted. " why don't we have another ride on splash mountain to cool off."
lauren turned to head back to splash mountain, only to find that a big rope had been out up, preventing anyone from leaving mainstreet.

she sighed.

"something must be going on," she said. "let's stand here, and see if we can figure out what it is."

an american lady made an announcement on the PA system.

"walt disney's magic kingdom is pleased to present, the festival of fantasy parade in just 5 minits."

"wow," said lauren. " a parade. do you all want to watch it?."

she noticed that the girl who had made the announcement was walking along the street, talking to each family.

when she got to lauren, she asked her if the children wanted to be part of the parade.

" every day," she said, " we pick 1 lucky family to take part in the parade. they dress up as disney stars, and ride in the floats."

josh looked absolutely disgusted.

he was going to swear, but before he could laruen said,

"yes, that would be nice. I don't think our eldest josh wants to, but the girls would love to be part of the parade."

the american lady took the girls back stage. lauren and josh waited.

the prade started.

ellie was dressed up as cinderella

diana was snow white

lucy was tinkerbell.

lauren was amazed, and took pictures of her children in the parade, riding around in the floats.

josh wasn't. he looked away.

"give it up for ellie, lucy, and diana," said the american lady as they came floating down mainstreet.

the crowd was roaring aprovingly. lauren was taking lots of photos. josh was scowling.

the parade finished, and the rope was lifted.

lauren hugged each of the girls and told them they were amazing.

"we loved it!" squealed diana. " can we do it again?."

"I don't think you'll get another chance to be stars of the parade," said lauren, "that's a sort of special experience. here. let's go on splash mountain."

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