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Chapter 13: michael and kelly
(by emily, added on 27 February 2017 12:45 PM)

things were a lot calmer back home (in england)

before they went away, lauren and her family had asked their closest naybors, michael and kelly to look after the house. keep all the letters sent to them, look after ellie's hamster, make sure their was food for when they returned, that kind of thing.

it was easy for michael and kelly. they had looked after lauren's house many times. the family were always on vacation, and actually, you could say that lauren's house was michael and kelly's second home.

" ah isn't it peaceful without the kids," michael said, as escape to the country started on bbc1.

" it is," said kelly. "I hope they are having a good time, lauren must have blown her budget on this holiday. walt disney in florida, not even we can aford that."

"I know," said michael. "I wish we could."

escape to the country was good, they both enjoyed property shows.

afterwards, it was pointless.

kelly didn't really get pointless, contestants trying to score as few points as possible?. why would anyone want to do that.

michael liked it though. he thought alexander armstrong was hilarious, and richard ozmond was a great co presenter.

the phone rang.

sighing, michael turned down pointless and picked up the call.

"hello?" he said.

"hi!" came a familiar voice on the other end. " it's lauren. how's the house?."

"lauren!" exclaimed michael. " everything okay here, we're looking after the place well. ellie's hamster is awake, running about on his wheel. how's florida?."

"florida's stressfull. the girls love it, of course. but josh, well," she hesitated.

"josh hates it here, and wants to come home. woul. if we were to arange a flight, could you pick josh up from the airport?."

" just 1 mint," said michael, as he put down the phone on the coffee table.

he wondered in to the kitchen where kelly was making dinner.

"darling," he said, " that's lauren on the phone. she says josh wants to come home from the holiday, not enjoying it apparently. would we be able to pick him up from the airport?."

" josh is mature," said kelly. " he could help us out with the cleaning. yes, tell lauren that we'll be happy to have him."

michael went back in to the sitting room, and picked up the phone.

"yes," he said. "and i'm sorry about the delay, I had to ask kelly."

"we'll keep you updated," said lauren. "thanks michael. he's just spoiling everything."

michael hung up, and turned up the tv again.

pointless was over now. he'd missed it. now it was the 6 o clock news.

they were showing a story of a lion who had escaped from the local zoo.

michael grinned. it made a diffrence to what they usually showed. nurders, robberies, it was nice to know everything was right with the world.

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