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Chapter 12: a watery surprise
(by emily, added on 1 February 2017 04:58 PM)

at 6 15 A.M the next day, lauren shook everyone awake

she had a massive smile on her face, and she was all ready to go.

lucy yawned.

" what is it mom?" she asked. " it's early. what do you want."

"I have a surprise for you all," she said. "quick, get yourselves ready."

outside, the air was still cool. lauren breaved a sigh of relief as they headed towards the car

"are we going to aquatica!". ellie loved aquatica

" no," said lauren. " but where we're going is to do with water."

soon they arrived, no one having a clue what the surprise was

lauren took them through the gate and on to a beach.

the girls really had no idea.

at the site of a beach, josh sighed and mumbled to himself about how everything on this holiday was somehow themed to water.

suddenly, a man came up to them and introduced himself as marcus

"today," he said, " you are going to swim with some very special animals. does anyone know what?"

no one did.

lauren did, but kept silent so as not to spoil it

"well," said marcus. "they are really clever animals, they can do tricks, and you can even ride on their backs if you want to."
diana beamed

"dolphins!" she shreeked. "we're going to swim with the dolphins!".
before lauren could do or say much, the girls crowded round her, hugging her and telling her what a great mom she was

josh distanced himself.

everyone swam with the dolphins, even josh

josh even fed his dolphin which made lauren smile. she liked how he was really getting stuck in, even though he didn't want to be here

in the afternoon, after the swim, they all watched a dolphin show where 3 of the 4 dolphins performed.

the dolphin josh had looked after just floated motionless in the middle of the pool.

after the show (which was really good,), lauren aproached marcus to ask about the motionless dolphin

" he's dead," marcus announced

josh suddenly looked away

"josh?", lauren turned to look at him. " what did you feed your dolphin?"

"hash browns and bacon" said josh.

" oh well," marcus said. " no wonder the dolphin's dead. what did you feed him that for?".

lauren looked like she had just got the biggist shock of her life

she took josh aside and spoke harsly towards him.

"you fed your dolphin hash browns?. what were you thinking!. here I was actually thinking you were taking part and behaving, now if we're..." she paused.

"kicked out?" said marcus coming up behind her. "good idea. I want you and your family out of here."

"but the girls love it so much," said lauren. " they didn't do anything wrong, only josh".

marcus folded his hands and walked off.

lauren decided that they'd better go. the girls, naturally, were devistated

josh wasn't too concerned. actually, when lauren announced they were going back to the hotel, josh stuck his foot out, and kicked 1 of the dolphins that was still alive and laughed

"animal cruelty!" screamed an angry marcus as the family headed to their car

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