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Chapter 11: I don't like orlando
(by emily, added on 21 January 2017 11:54 AM)

back at the hotel, ellie, lucy, and diana all changed in to their swimming costumes and went for a late night dip in the pool

josh, however, waited with lauren by the car

" can I talk to you?" he asked, a look of seriousness on his face.

" sure josh, what is it" lauren could see he was troubled.

"mom, I know you're doing this for all of us, and trying to give us a good christmas, but i'm not enjoying myself that much. their's not much for me to do here at all."

lauren nodded.

" oh i've noticed you're not enjoying yourself, and i'm sorry. but this holiday.. well," she hesitated while she tried to find the words. " it's special"

josh interupted her

"i'm thinking of going back to the UK, i'll spend time with michael and kelly". michael and kelly were lauren's naybors, and were looking after everything while they were away

" but then we won't be a family," said lauren. "I think it's something you really need to think about, and you can't just say you want to fly back. we need to pay for the flight and all that stuff.".

josh nodded. " the only thing i've enjoyed so far is the mall, and even that was ruined by the girls"

" talking of the girls," lauren was trying to change the subject. "let's go and see how they are getting on at the pool."

the girls wern't actually in the pool. they were all sitting on the side with their legs in the water.

" why are you not fully in the water?" she asked

"toys!" squealed diana. " everyone in the pool has toys, and we don't."
"well, what kind of toys?" asked lauren. " i'm sure we could find some."
"water pistol" said diana. " A water pistol would be nice to have"

"so would a toy boat" said ellie. "I love boats"

"and rings you can throw to the bottom of the pool and dive for" said lucy

" i'll do my best," said lauren. " the pool closes in 15 minits, do you want to get in for a swim before bed?"

everyone wanted a swim before bed, even lauren joined them

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