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Chapter 10: I want a kangaroo for dinner
(by emily, added on 20 January 2017 11:48 AM)

lauren pulled in to what looked like a fun little restaurant

outside, their were little coin operated kangaroos that bounced up and down when you inserted the money

inside, their was loud music, fruit machines, and even a play area for the children featuring a haunted house, a ball bit, and a slide.

" I don't know," thought lauren. " it looks a bit.... childish."

" it does," agreed josh

"I want a ride on the kangaroo!" cried ellie. "it looks fun.!"

lauren took that as the final sign that they were going to be forced to stay.

they sat at the table and studdied the menu

soon, the waitress, a young teenage girl, came across to serve them

"i'm lauren," said the waitress. " what is everyone ordering this evening?."
"well would you believe that," said lauren to the girls. " she has the same name as me. isn't that cool?."

" it's confusing!" said the waitress. " now what will you all have?"

they went around the table, each ordering something expensive, and large

lauren ordered a salad

josh ordered a steak

lucy ordered some chicken nuggets

and diana ordered some sausages

" and what about for you," asked the waitress standing next to ellie.

"i'll have some kangaroo" she said.

the waitress laughed. "we don't actually do kangaroo i'm afraid, this is america. kangaroos are australian."

"but," ellie wined. " i'd like some kangaroo."

lauren interupted and asked the waitress, "do you have any fish fingers?"

"I don't want fish fingers, I want kangaroo", ellie continued wineing.

"tell you what," said the waitress. "I do have some turkey dinosaurs. they arn't really kangaroos, but they are tasty!".

"we'll take them", lauren said, before ellie wined anymore

before the waitress left, lauren gestured for her to come closer.

she whispered that ellie quite fancied a ride on the coin operated kangaroo outside the restaurant

" ah yes," the waitress smiled. " I think she'd enjoy it. a lot of children do."

she left to get their food

when she came back, the children were singing to the music blasting from the restaurant's speakers.

"your food!" she said, smiling at ellie as she placed the dinosaurs down on the table.

the meal was nice, and everyone was full by the end

josh wasn't so impressed, he decided that this restaurant was too childish for him

but never the less, he ate his food and behaved

no one wanted dessert, so lauren payed the bill and they were free to leave.

"kangaroo!" shouted ellie as she spotted the kangaroo

" yes, yes. the kangaroo. josh, take your sisters to the car. i'm going to give ellie a ride on the kangaroo."

the kangaroo was bouncy and fun. ellie enjoyed it a lot.

she ended up riding 3 times, before lauren said it was time to go

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