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Chapter 1: meet the family!
(by emily, added on 13 November 2013 12:00 PM)

"it's today, it's today!" ellie screamed as she came hurtling down the stairs. "today we're going to see mickey mouse!"

ellie, the youngest of the 4 children, and probably the most excited, was the only one awake- but she had packed her case, and was all ready for her trip to florida. her and her family were spending christmas at disney world, and she couldn't wait

it was lauren's idea. lauren, who was the children's mother, wanted a diffrent christmas- she wanted to take the hassle out of everything, and wanted the kids to have an experience they would never forget. she had also commented, she was doing it for ellie, as it would be her first trip abroad- and she was old enough now to apreciate disney.

now, sitting in the lounge shivering, ellie was thinking about all the things her and her family were going to get up to in america. seeing mickey mouse, peter pan, eating breakfast with pluto.. their was a lot to think about. it was far too exciting, and ellie couldn't sleep all night just thinking about it.

just then, their was the sound of someone on the stairs, then the sound of the door opening. ellie looked in the direction of the sound to see her older brother joshua walk in to the lounge. unlike ellie, jjoshua did not seem to be carrying his case, though he was fully dressed and seemed to be smiling.

he sat down on the sofa next to ellie, and gave her a hug

ellie, meanwhile, was paying no attention to her brother- she was more interested in her case, and the fact that joshua didn't have his.

she knocked on her case several times, then looked at joshua.

joshua laughed. "oh, the case?. it's upstairs. lauren will bring it down with the others later".

just as he had spoken, the door flung open and in walked a rather hurried lauren. she had a very anxious look on her face, and she was carrying the remaining cases

"we're late!" she explained. "i obviously slept through my alarm..... god dam it!. the taxi should be with us in half an hour!. ellie, go brush your teeth, joshua, for christ sake.. why are you sitting down here?. go wake your siblings....". her voice trailed off as the other 2 girls, lucy and diana, skipped in to the room giggling.

"we were ready all along!" laughed diana, as she jumped up and gave her mom a big kiss. " we were hiding in the cupboard.. just playing hide and seek!"

"no time for games," said lauren, not even returning diana's kiss as she ran in to the kitchen to make drinks for the children.

just then ellie returned from her room, proudly anouncing, " all done!" showing her shiny white teeth for everyone to see.

"good work ellie!" said lauren, as she made the last bottle of orange squash for the long taxi ride ahead of them. "now before we go, does anyone need the toilet?"

"what about breakfast?" joshua piped up. " we can't starve!"

" well, joshua, we'll have to eat at the airport" snapped lauren. "if you're really hungry, grab a banana out the fruit bowl"

soon, ellie and the girls had grabbed a handful of fruit from the bowl, bananas, grapes, apples, plums and 3 peaches. they were having a food fight- throwing the fruit across the kitchen making it splat, and when it did, they burst out laughing

lauren tried not to laugh as she reprimanded the girls

"put the fruit in the bin now, most of that isn't any good anymore". she sighed. " and most of that was only baught last week," she mumbled under her breath

soon the doorbell rang. lauren opened it to find the taxi driver standing their

"okay kids" she said, "each grab your case, and let's go!"

ellie paused in the doorway looking up at her mom

"what is it, ellie?"lauren asked angrily

" i want to go upstairs and say goodbye to my hamster," ellie said softly

lauren smiled. "the hamster's fine, remember we've got the naybour from next door coming in to look after the pets"

with that, lauren took ellie's hand, and they went out to the waiting taxi

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