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Chapter 1: Preface
(by Eleanor, added on 8 November 2013 07:53 PM)

Hello everyone,
First of all, I'll start off by saying that I own nearly all the Elights, the concepts, everything. By writing this, I'm saying that no one should copy this without my permission.
You may know the Elights from somewhere. Yes, I'm the person who created them, I'm not copying off myself. I wrote them, and through experimentation they have developed so much. Thanks to anyone who's contributed.
The Elights will be explained in detail in the story, I won't spoil it now. The Elights that go into print (if ever) will be slightly different from these ones, because I have to make it fit. This is just one of the ways their story could be interpreted, a side project. Not the "real" one, just a... Thought. If you want to ask me anything, email.
Important: As a note, I don't in any way own Claudia. If the writer of Claudia does see this, sorry I haven't included you, I just couldn't do her justice.

Chapter 2: Before
(by Eleanor, added on 9 November 2013 05:34 PM)

Before all times of strife—when peace, supposedly, reigned throughout the land, the people were wiser. The world realised that one day, an era of bloodshed would begin, spanning milennia. So, they used their ancient magics to perform a ritual that reached through the ages, calling the six most worthy out of their deaths and into a limbo. However, it would cost the Elders their lives, so to help them people left instructions for the Six on how to train. This was in 200 BC, one hundred years before Dalahava died.

They created the Saviours, yet they could have created the Destroyers. This was what they spoke, and the words are imprinted on a scroll in the Elight Restricted Library. The spell was so powerful that only this account could be scrounged up. It is also unclear as to whether these are the true words spoken.
"Elights: calahir, emvasicot parantro alseas. Tiranae, "Malhaeranihast," emptovacest selahen."
The language is now extinct apart from being spoken by the Six, and the rough translation is: "The Six Bringers, we summon you, when the world is in darkness. You will answer, "We hear you," and come to us with the speed of the winds Four."
This is their story: how they bonded, their friendship, and their powers.

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