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Chapter 9: ducks!
(by emily, added on 1 January 2018 03:31 PM)

"quack quack, quack quack" came a noise

holly grinned.

" look richard," she said. " the ducks are happy and swimming about in their pond."

" can I feed the ducks?" asked richard.

holly was just about to say yes, when she spotted 2 human figures standing by the duck pond.
one was an adult woman with a scowl on her face.

the other was a man. he was picking up stones, and throwing them at the ducks.

" hang on a minit," said holly, and she got up from the bench and made her way over to where stones were being thrown.

" what do you think you're doing?" she asked sternly. " don't you know that what you are doing hurts the ducks?"

" don't care" came the man's reply, and he thrrew another massive stone at the ducks.

" who are you?" asked the woman standing next to him.

" holly" said holly. " and you are?"

" I'm brenda," said brenda. " and this is my son craig"

" my sos richard" said holly. " he goes to that centre down the road."

" craig goes their too" said brenda. " he's been going for quite some time."

at the mention of richard, craig stopped throwing stones at the ducks, and screamed.

" richard!. richard?. are you with your mommy?. you're mommy is by the pond, richard!"

richard shuddered. he knew that voice anywhere.

he knew it was the voice of craig

" holly?" richard called towards the pond. " holly?"

" I'm coming" said holly, she quickly waved to brenda and went to join her son.

" what's wrong richard?" she asked when she reached his side.

richard simply said, " craig."

" craig!" screamed craig. " you've learned how to say my name!"

and with that, he picked up 4 huge stones (2 in each hand), and through them at richard

" craig!" screamed brenda. " what are you doing?"

she rushed over to holly and asked, " is richard okay?. I am so sorry about my son. "

" he'll be fine," said holly. " I'm not sure he expected to see craig. from what i've been hearing they don't get on."

"OW!" screamed richard. " Ow!"

one of the stones had hit richard's eye and he was rubbing it

" don't rub it richard, it won't get better that way" said holly. " we can find something at home to make it better, come on, let's go home."

" oh don't leave on our account," said brenda. " I'll take craig for an icecream, then you can have the park to yourself."

" actually" said holly, " we did come for a lovely day out, that would be lovely."

" come on craig" shouted brenda. " Icecream."

craig came towards brenda, carrying with him 2 more stones.

and when hee got in range, through them both in richards direction.

the stones sailed through the air, eventually hitting holly in the back of the head.

" holly!" gasped brenda. " I am soooo sorry!".

"it's okay" said holly rubbing her head. " hyst... take him, and try to keep him under control. he is your son."

after they had gone, holly turned to richard.

" you were saying about the computer?" she asked.

richard smiled. " I'd love to start using my computer" he said. " I'd love to play some games online, or find some people online in my situation."

" yeah, but...." holly hesitated, " I don't know anything about this accessibility software, I really don't. we'd have to talk to someone who didd."

the afternoon past.

holly gave richard some bred, and richard did his best to throw the bread to the ducks.

craig and brenda didn't come back, and holly was greatful

she also wondered though

what did brenda think of the centre, and did she share holly's concerns?

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