Will life ever be the same again?

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Chapter 8: A new break threw with Richard.
(by Ian McNamara, added on 11 December 2017 07:53 PM)

The day after the rabbit incident Richard surprised his mother when she got him up and dressed the next morning.

"Mum I want to go in my electric chair today and go to the park with you if that's ok? I want to practice the root I learned to see how I get on."

Holly was hoping for this and had hoped for a long time now that Richard might discover the confidence to have a try at going out in his electric chair. Dressing quickly in Jeans and a warm jumper she Got Richard into his electric wheelchair and handed him his cane. Richard left the house successfully navigating the wheelchair ramp without any assistance. He then turned on his Treker Breze and programmed it to take him to the park, Richard managed to successfully complete the root without any mistakes and as the journey continued the more confident he became. When they got to the park Holly then directed Richard as the Breze GPS would not work well there. They went to there favourite bench they'd always sat on when coming here before Richard had his accident.

"Richard, what made you want to try this today Richard and get your other chair?"

"Going to the centre mum, it's made me realise that I could still have a life and that maybe it's time I explored the possibilities that life has for me now. I would like to talk to you about maybe trying to see if I can start getting my computer set up again and trying to use that accessibility stuff."

Holly smiled, although she had her doubts about the centre she was glad it had finally made Richard start to take stock of his life and realise that there were still possibilities for him. She knew Kelly was not a bad woman but she wanted to make sure that Richard would be ok when he went there in the future. She wondered weather maybe going as Richards support herself might help the centre and Kelly manage things better. Maybe she would suggest it and she knew Richard would like her there.

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