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Chapter 6: cathy's pet rabbit
(by emily, added on 25 April 2017 11:52 AM)

when kelly came to collect him for the centre the following morning, she was all excited

"richard!. how are you!. it's so good to see you!."

"hi kelly," said richard. " guess what?. yesterday, my mom did a firework display for me and we had rockets, and fountains, and loads of bangs!. I even had food like sausages and crisps."

" oh that sounds really good," said kelly. "I'm glad you did that. I spent my firework night at a local park, they had a display with funfair rides and stalls!".

richard thought about this before replying

" what's a fun fair?" he asked

" it's a place with lots of fun seats, that move up and down and round and round" said holly, who was actually amazed that richard had never been to a fun fair before.

" come on," she aded, " our bus awaits!."

on the bus, richard asked to sit next to cathy.

" sorry richard," said kelly. " you can't sit next to cathy this morning. her and her mommy are coming in the car. cathy's bringing her pet rabbit to the centre, and her mommy is going to tell us all about rabbits. that is today's activity!"

" oh wow," said richard. " a rabbit. I used to own a rabbit when I was smaller, our mom braught us one".

"so you know what they are like," said cathy smiling. "i'm sure cathy and her mommy will let you stroke him.".

" hey rich!. do you love your mommy?. does she give you kisses?".

craig was shouting from the back of the bus

" richie why can't your mommy come on the bus and give you a cuddle."

his support worker hellen, turned to craig and spoke to him quietly

"kelly supports richard, just like I support you.".

she aded, " richard is grown up. he does not need mommy with him on the bus."

inside the centre kelly got everyone to draw pictures of rabbits to show to cathy and her mom when they arived

presently they did,, and they walked in with the fluffy rabbit.

craig decided that now would be a good idea to cause a sceen

" but I want to stroke a pussy cat!, or a doggy!, I don't want to stroke a boring old rabbit. rabbits are lame."

" you don't have to stroke the rabbit," hellen said to him. " but I bet other people want to stroke the rabbit, and that's why cathy braught him in."

" right, quiet everyone, " said kelly. " if we're all ready, then i'd like you all to meet carot the bunny rabbit!."

"I want to stroke a fucking puppy." said craig as loud as he can. " you hear me?. a puppy!. you know what I mean?. a puppy?. it goes woof woof!".

" well," said kelly calmly, " we don't have a puppy, but we do have a rabbit, and you are welcome to stroke the rabbit.".
" fuck off." shouted craig. " I want to stroke a fucking puppy."

hellen looked shocked and had no idea what to say to craig.
meanwhile, cathy was grinning, as her and her mother angela passed the rabbit around of people to stroke him.

everyone who stroked the rabbit gave an " awww!", or " he's lovely!", some even asked if they could take it home for the weekend

when it got round to richard, kelly helped him sstroke him gently, and even feed him a carot.

"awwww!" said richard. " what a lovely rabbit!".

" he is nice," kelly said grinning

soon, it was craig's turn to hold the rabbit

angela and cathy aproached craig, and started to explain about the rabbit, and the best way to stroke him.

" do you want to feed him a carot?" asked angela.

" fuck no. " said craig. " I want to stroke a fucking puppy."

" now now craig," said angela, " everyone's stroked the rabbit and enjoyed it. what about 1 little hold."

"puppy, bitch!" screamed craig. " puppy!."

at the sound of craig's loud outburst, cathy burst in to tears, and angela ended up having to give the rabbit to hellen so she could comfort her daughter.

all the while craig was screaming and cursing about wanting a puppy.

" right," kelly said, trying to move things forward, " I think everyone who wanted to stroke the rabbit has had a go, so now angela is going to tell you a bit about rabbits. isn't that right, angela."

angela didn't respond, and when kelly turned round she could see why

craig had hit angela in the face, because he couldn't stroke a puppy. now he had his hand around angela's kneck and he was squeezing really hard.

"craig!", said hellen in shock. she reached up and took craig's arm away from angela.

no sooner had she done that, than a couple of things happened

craig, still not having his own way, made his hand in to a fist and punched hellen in the face

hellen screamed

angela, who was trying to get her breath back, suddenly felt ill, and was sick all over the floor

the rabbit which hellen had been holding escaped, and was now wondering around the centre.

" you know," said kelly, " i'm not really sure that angela's going to be able to tell you all about rabbits, she looks a bit worse for wear."

kelly walked over to angela, to tell her that it was okay for her to go home if she wanted, and they would bring cathy back later in the bus.

but angela had fallen, and she was down.

she was breathing really weakly, and he was pale

" if their's a death at our centre," kelly roard, " we'll be closed down."

she kneeled over angela and spoke quietly to herself.

" you can't do this, angela. you need to come out of this."

kelly moved angela in to the recovery posision, and watched as her eyes opened, then closed, then opened again.

"guys?", said kelly, "you know, I think we're going to close early. today's been um, interesting."

kelly was particularly worried that hellen, craig's support worker, seemed to do very little to help the situation

at that moment, to kelly's relief, angela sat up and rubbed her eyes.

" are you okay, angela?" kelly asked her, a look of concern in her eyes.

" no," said angela. " I feel really sick."

" okay, you go to the hospital if you need to. cathy can..."

"come home with me," said angela. " i'm sure i'll be fine, it's not like i'm dying".

as she struggled to her feet, everyone else got up too

cathy, who was in tears, bearly knew what was going on

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