Will life ever be the same again?

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Chapter 2: a hope for richard
(by emily, added on 14 November 2013 12:16 PM)

sure, it was hard for holly. very hard. but she did her best. at christmas she would buy richard a new book, or a new electronic game, a new cd for his personal sterrio, something to keep him occupied. something to keep him going. at halloween, she would share candy with him, make a pumpkin, and even read him scary stories. on his birthday, he always had a cake, and he always had baloons.

but it was the rest of the time, it was the rest of the time that was hard on holly.

she had a lot of things going through her head when it came to richard. what would he do with his life?. who would look after him when she couldn't do it anymore. how was richard coping mentally. she tried to not let these thoughts get in the way of her daily challenges. getting richard dressed, keeping him occupied, while trying to live life for herself, too.

1 warm day, she got a call. a rather unexpected call from a local group that specialised in activities for wheelchair users. they had centres around the country, and they were offering richard a place.

" what exactly do you do?. what activities are on offer?"

" well, we do music sessions, art, we go out for meals, we watch movies...

" watch movies?. " holly shot back. " and how, do you expect someone who is blind, like richard, to watch a movie?"

" well, i admit, i know of audio description... but we don't have it at our centres yet. we should really look in to it".

" you should," holly snapped as she hung up the phone.

she walked in to richard's room to see richard, as usual, staring off in to space. next to him was a copy of the latest steven king novel, unopened.

"are you not going to read that?" holly asked.

" i can't do this anymore, mom. i can't do this. i'm so young, and i've so much of life ahead of me. i just don't know what i'm meant to do with myself. "

holly smiled. " well," she said. " i may just have a solution. i got a phone call today, from a company called crusaders. they specialise in supporting people like you, richard. they do activities and events especially for people in wheelchairs, and i think you'd benifit. you like your music, and your art, and you even get to go out for dinner sometimes... it would get you out in to the sunshine!"

" i don't know, mom. do you think they would look after me well?. "

" i'm sure they would, richard!. let me go back and call them, see if i can get you booked in for a taster day. "

when she returned, she was all smiles.

" i did it, richard!. you're going to this centre on saturday. and this nice girl i spoke to on the phone, kelly, well... kelly's going to be your support. she'll wheel you around, and get you what you need, what do you think?"

" okay, mom. if it will make you happy. "

mom smiled. " you've always been thoughtfull of others, and that's what i like about you, richard. "

she left the room

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