Will life ever be the same again?

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Chapter 1: The beginning of a new life.
(by ian mcnamara, added on 14 September 2013 05:59 AM)

Richard Sutton sat in his wheelchair just staring in to space and doing nothing. It had been six months since he'd arrived home from rehab and so far things were not going well. Richard had been shot just over a year a go while walking back to college with his friends, as a result of the shooting he was now completely blind and also confined to a wheelchair. Although not Paralized the damage that had been done was erepable so it was not possible he'd ever be able to walk again. Richard had been shot twice, once in the eyes and once in each leg. The bullets had damaged him so badly the doctors had not been able to regain his sight or the use of his legs. Richard now depended on his mother Holly for everything and she'd given up work to take care of him and started working from home. Holly was a very successful music teacher and taught people privately from home. Richard's farther had died just before his birth from a drug overdose so it had always been just the two of them. Holly was a strong born again Christian and attended the local church on a sunday. Before his accident Richard had also been a very strong Christian however now he'd turned away from god and everything that interested him. All he did now was just sit where ever his mother wheeled him and stared in to space. He ate and drank and slept but that was all. Everything he'd been interested in was now gone and he had just become angry and bitter. His mother Holly did not know what to do with him and she felt helpless. Richard had been taught braille and even how to get around using his Cane in conjunction with his Electric Wheelchair, however he refused to use the electric chair and always insisted he was put in his manual so his mother could just wheel him around the whole time.

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