Will life ever be the same again?

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Chapter 7: holly's doubts
(by emily, added on 26 April 2017 12:02 PM)

"but," said holly, " your centre is a joke. you hear me?. a joke."

holly was in the kitchen with kelly having coffee.

richard had filled holly in on the day's events, and holly had exploded

now she was talking to kelly, trying to get answers.

" so you currently run the centre?" holly asked.

"well, yes, I do," said kelly, " I am in charge of the entertainment and the food, and everything."

"right, " said holly. " you can't get audio description for the movies, you can't control the situation today with the rabbit, can I ask, what's richard eaten since he's been at the centre?. you've fed him, right?.".

kelly gulped

" um... sure, a few sandwiches," she said.

"that's really going to fill him up," said holly. " anyway, you never told me. how's angela?."

"I don't know," said kelly. " we left her to make her own way back. she was sure she could manage."

"she has a daughter, and a rabbit to take care of. are you sure she..."

kelly interupted, " she said she could handle it, so we trust her."

holly thought for a while, then turned the subject to craig.

" so what about craig," she said. " are you planning to do anything about him?."

"craig does what he does, it's natural." said kelly

" it may be what he does," said holly, " but his support worker, what, hellen I think you said her name was?, should be doing more to control him."

" oh I agree," said kelly. " today she just sat their."

"well can't you step in?. if hellen's not doing what she's meant to do, find him a new support worker, support him yourself. send him to a more specialised centre."

"I'm not in charge of craig," kelly simply said. "I am the manager of the centre, not craig."

"and be watching everyone, and making sure that everyone is behaving, and that everyone as manager," snapped holly, " you should be belongs at the centre."

" hellen's craig's support, I can't say anything more on that" said kelly

holly scowled. " you really don't know how to run a centre do you?."

"I have to go now," said kelly. "the centre's still covered in rabbit shit, and someone has to clear it up, and that person..." she paused so she could sigh, " that person is me."

"unreal," thought holly as she showed kelly to the door and let her out

after kelly had gone, holly went in to see richard.

"i've been thinking," said holly, "you don't have to go to this centre if you don't want to. mommy can look after you if that's what you'd prefer."

richard simply said, " but i'd miss cathy"

"but if you had cathy's phone number," said holly, " then what?."

"I like kelly too," said richard. " and it gets me out the house. I love livingl ife again. I want to continue going to the centre, honestly I do."

"I don't know," said holly. "I mean, well, it's just not what I hoped it would be."

with that, she walked out and closed the door gently

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