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Chapter 5: firework night
(by emily, added on 25 February 2014 12:02 PM)

holly sighed. she felt hopeless. after the conversation with the centre, she wondered what really went on behind closed doors, whether kelly really looked after richard, and whether richard was really enjoying it, or if he was putting on a brave face for his mom.

"can't dwell on it now. " she thought. "firework night to get ready. "

she rose from her chair in the kitchen to prepare the evening.

she had lots of party food, a few fireworks, and some bangers- you just simply throw them on the floor and they go, "bang!."

holly had decided she wouldn't invite anyone round, mainly because richard had told her that he wanted it just to be him and his mom, and holly thought that was a good idea, seeing as she never really spent much time with him lately.

the night was a success. holly wheeled richard out to the back garden where she'd lit a bonfire and was about to set off the fireworks.

" wait their, richard. i'm going to set off the fireworks...." she stopped, remembering the box of bangers. "here. you can throw these about while i'm doing the fireworks. "

richard sat their, in the cold night air as holly lit the first firework, a rocket.

it was loud, and almost scared the both of them as it went off.

richard seemed to apreciate it, though he couldn't see the firework itself, time with his mom meant a lot. and it wasn't just that, this was a proper display. holly had always been the sort of person who treated him the same as any other child. so what if he couldn't see the fireworks, she thought, i don't want him to think he's diffrent. that's why i'm doing this.

as the night went on, various other fireworks went off. kathrin wheels, fountains, roman candles, the works.

richard made the night even more entertaining, as when it was quiet he'd throw 1 of the things holly had given him on to the floor, making a banging sound- which perhaps wasn't the biggist sound in the world, but it was still exciting for him.

then it was time for food and hot chocolate. richard had some sausage rolls, some pizza, some crisps, some burgers, and lots of hot chocolate.

" very nice, mom. " he said when it had all finnished. "thank you for such a wonderful evening. "

holly grinned. " i knew you'd like it, richard. i'm so glad i could spend time with you as well. "

" mmom?."

" yes, richard?. ".

" i love you. "

holly hugged her son, then wheeled him to his room, and tucked him in to bed.

tomorrow would be another day at the centre, and no one knew what would be in store.

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