Will life ever be the same again?

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Chapter 4: holly wants answers
(by emily, added on 15 November 2013 11:36 PM)

" so richard, what did you get up to at the centre?" holly asked, when kelly had left and closed the door behind her.

" it was great, mom. we did music in the morning, and then in the afternoon we were read a story. it was quite boring, the story that is, but the rest was good. kelly's so supportive. i like her, mom. "

" and did you make any other friends besides kelly?"

" yes, mom. this girl, cathy. she was so sweet. she was with her own support worker leanne. i got to sit next to her on the bus on the way home."

" and was everyone nice?".

" well, not everyone, their was this guy, craig. kept calling me names. asking me if i was death, too. being really nasty actually. but kelly told me not to pay attention to him. "

holly frowned. " i'll see what i can do about that, i'll ring the centre tomorrow and find out what happened exactly. but tell me this, would you go again?"

" of course, even if it's just to see kelly and cathy. they were so lovely. "

as holly wheeled him back to his room, she knew she had done a good job. she knew that it was good for both of them in the long run. richard was experiencing life, while holly was getting some time alone, to do stuff, to see her friends, to go out, etc. things were coming together nicely for the both of them. now, if only things could stay that way, she thought.

now, back in his room, richard had time to reflect on the day. he had forgotten how good it was to get out, to do stuff. to have fun.

holly, meanwhile, was in the kitchen doing some paper work of her own. while richard had been at the group, holly had some time to catch up on some of her own work, and she wanted to finnish it before the night was over.

tomorrow, it was firework night. holly wanted to do something special for richard, and though he couldn't see the fireworks, she thought about buying him some things to make the night extra special for him. but, she wouldn't tell him what. that, would be a surprise.

that was also the main reason she wanted to get her own paperwork finnished, to spend time with her son.

the next morning, was november the 5th. firework night. as promised, the first thing holly did that morning was ring the centre.

" i know it's not such a big issue," she said when the phone was answered. " but my son, richard. he told me about craig, he told me about how annoying he was, and he clearly got annoyed by him. "

" and," asked a rather angry voice. " what do you want us to do about it?. "

" i'd apreciate it if he stayed away from my son. you know, it's hard for richard, and i'm proud of him for going. but if you're going to let people like craig...."

" lady, " said the voice at the other end of the line, " we can't do anything about it. people can be nice, people can be nasty, get over yourself. "

the line went dead...

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