Run For Your Life, My Sweet Ileera

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Chapter 1: Cartaelon: Trapped
(by Eleanor, added on 10 August 2013 04:03 PM)

"I'm not interested!" The roar came from inside the great, impenetrable fortress--or what seemed to be a fortress. Perhaps it was Ileera's imagination that created such vivid pictures. She could reach out and touch the high, rough stone walls. She could taste the musty smell of old decades, once forgotten, now barely unearthed.
Ileera jerked again. Stop it...stop it...please, anything. She had been trapped here for so many years, as many as there were fingers on her hand--but how many was that? Her senses unaware--or were they? What was real, what was not? It was all grey to her, as grey as water, though not as tasteless. Filled with smoke, fire, flowers, and the sourness that came with betrayal and fear. Where were the towers? Where were the thugs--ah yes, they were banging on her door. As hard as a rock...
No one understood her. Couldn't they feel the threads of the world? Every sound they made, knitted into the quilt of their lives. She was the only one...wasn't she? Wasn't she?

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