Lost In Love

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Chapter 2: One of Those Girls
(by Eleanor, added on 21 July 2013 10:42 AM)

Naomi Fields, essentially, was "one of those girls." One of those girls that lurked as a shadow, too shy to come out. Other people classed her so, put her in the league of a nerd or geek, or perhaps slightly higher. However, she was not, in the simplest terms, "popular." She did not have shining golden locks that brushed her waist with the lightest of touches; she did not have eyes as blue as the merry sky above. What she did have, however, was intelligence.
The sad thing was, in her High School, not many boys even spared her a glance. So it was, as the hoards of students trampled the hallways and galloped onto the bleachers to watch the cheerleaders do their sickening dances that Naomi detested. Attendance was mandatory, and as Naomi sat there, overlooked, she watched. And hated it. Still, none but one looked over at her, and that one was not a boy. No, but something different. Something Naomi Fields was not used to, and something that scared her to the core as much as a thunderstorm that rent through valleys and skies would.

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