Flirting With Scurvy

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Chapter 3: Frame 3
(by Meg, added on 9 December 2012 07:51 AM)

Picture: Same kitchen, same table, same girls. There's a guy standing beside the place across the table from the girls. He's dressed in a white vest and baggy blue pants. He's tall and lanky and has short, coarse-looking hair. There are big dark circles under his eyes. The skin of his pale face is covered with spots of discolouration. He is shivering slightly. There are bruises and bandages all over his arms. He's holding a sailor cap in his hand and waving weakly at the girls, who he is checking out with his hollow, dull eyes. His other hand is clutching at the chair beside him; his legs are bending stiffly and it looks rather painful. He's grinning feverishly at the girls, the brittle-looking, corkscrewed hair of his beard very visible. More than a few of his teeth are missing from his smile; mostly he's flashing his gums, which are red and bleeding. The girls are returning the favour. The one closest to the window is in the process of turning her head towards the guy, long, flowing ponytail caught in mid-flip. The smile she's returning him displays a full set of teeth; the portion of the gum-line that's visible is swollen and red. The girl beside her is batting her long eyelashes in the same direction. Her lips are pursed in a whistle.
Guy: Hey ladies! What's up?

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