Bear Buffet

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Chapter 1: Frame 1
(by Meg, added on 1 November 2012 06:49 AM)

Picture: A narrow gravel road. Bushes and trees line the road on either side The mixed forest appears to be encroaching fast. The roots of some trees are finding their way onto the road, combining with a few ruts to add to its unevenness. The branches of low bushes and trees interlock over the road to form a leafy tunnel. There's a sign staked on the side of the road with an arrow pointing up the road.

Sign: CREEKMORE CAMP GROUND. No reservations; first come first serve.

Chapter 2: Frame 2
(by Meg, added on 1 November 2012 06:52 AM)

Picture: The same road. A large pair of dark-brown eyes can be seen peering out of the dense tangle of bushes on the left side. They're set wide apart on a face that's covered with brown fur. A snout with a black nose pokes out below. The eyes are looking at the sign.

Sign: BEAR BUFFET. No reservations; first come first serve.

Chapter 3: Frame 3
(by Meg, added on 1 November 2012 06:56 AM)

Picture: a hiking trail. Behind the hiking trail, a few campsites with tents and coolers can be seen, and behind that a small creek runs. Up ahead, the trail appears to slope steeply uphill. Four hikers are coming down the trail in single file, wearing backpacks. Big bear bells dangle from their wrists.

Hiker closest to the campsites: Man, you guys hear about the bear warning?
Next hiker: Yeah.
Last hiker: Well I'm really glad we got these bear bells!

Chapter 4: Frame 4
(by Meg, added on 1 November 2012 06:59 AM)

Picture: Back to the overgrown road. A pair of fuzzy, shell-shaped ears can be seen sticking out above the foliage. Their standing straight up and quivering slightly in the direction of the trailhead. There's a broad swath of brown fur between them, covered by a thought bubble.

Thought bubble: Ahhhh, a nice pack animal, it's about time! They're slow and easy to catch cuz of all the stuff the humans make them carry. That's what my mom taught me, and it's served me well so far. And my little cubs are famished!

Chapter 5: Frame 5
(by Meg, added on 1 November 2012 07:03 AM)

Picture: The same trail head. The brown-furred face with the large, wide-set eyes are peering out of the forest at the 4 hikers. A bit of the head can be seen now it looks like a big head. Its a cinnamon colour, and its small, shell-shaped ears are standing up and quivering slightly. The face and head are just visible behind the green screen of foliage a little ways behind the last hiker coming down the hill into the campsites. There's a thought-bubble over the half-revealed head.

Thought bubble: Its dinner time!

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