Abolish The Good

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Chapter 1: My Disposition
(by Eleanor, added on 29 October 2012 05:29 PM)

I jerked awake with a start. The hair-raising shrieks of the daemonic lair filled my resisting ears. So, this was another day. My assignments so far had been simple, ludicrously so, as if I were unfit to do better. But I knew I could do better. I was just a youngling, you see? A child-devourer, you may say. My father had done my work before me, and then he got swallowed up by the accursed goods. The ones we were meant to destroy, to eat their hearts out in the literal sense. I clambered groggily to my feet, shaking my head to get rid of the sleepiness in my red eyes. Blinking, I stared up at the angry daemon above me. His eyes were slitted, his hands were clawed. "You, boy! Amnose! I've got an assignment for you!" His voice was hard, unforgiving, like most daemons. The heart-devourers like myself had softer voices like a human. Enchanting voices, with a smooth lilt. My dark hair bristled.
"Yessir," I addressed him. "I am ready."
The daemon smiled. "Good, good. I've got something big--" he yawned, as if this bored him "--you probably won't succeed. But, oh well." He handed me a sheet of brittle parchment, crisp from the fires of the control room where everything happened. "Read it, then! Get your lazy butt into the world above!" he roared, grabbing me by the scruff of my neck and tossing me into the crevice that led upward to the human world.
"Oh, not again," I grumbled. "This time I won't fail." But my words proved me wrong, as they so always did.

Chapter 2: Note
(by Eleanor, added on 25 October 2013 06:49 PM)

I'm not adding to this anymore, people. Do with it what you like, but I think it's terrible. -Thank you-

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