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Chapter 2: Ms. Take-away takes over.
(by yaminy, added on 26 October 2012 04:40 AM)

“Who in the world needs lunch if got to taste a bit of each dish everyday? Certainly, not me.” Remarked Veg, throwing vegetable wastes into a paper bag. “I do agree.” Declared Aata, carefully capping several tins of flour. “Ice creams are to be extra-soft.” Stated Mixy, switching on the blender. “Don’t forget to prepare today’s special coconut-sweet.” Chanted Handyman, cautiously packing the lighting-sets. “The last item, taste this sandwich please?” said CPG handing a small slice to all. “Yum,” remarked nut-cracker, “coconut grating is done, now for the preparation of sweet. Where is sugar?” “Wow? Here comes miss take-away. Isn’t she early?” declared Veg. “Hallo all!” boomed a jolly female, “unexpectedly, the last hour of mine was taken by another lecturer. So I’m early today. Here are the candies.” She continued depositing the bag on the table. “If you’d wait a little, our last chores will be done soon. Then we’ll help in the preparation of the colossal fortune-cake.” Said Mixy, stirring the coconut-sugar mixture. “Absolutely no problem. Till then, will have a look at the menu of today.” Declared take-away, occupying the chair at the reception desk.

* * *

To organize and enter the booking details in a business way, an interview was conducted several months ago to select a candidate for the desk-job. After many considerations, a female was appointed. This multi-tasking competent woman performs as a secretary in a broader sense. The paper-works which are often handed in the end of a conference are received by her early in advance confidentially. At the appointed time, she performs the role of the efficient associate of handing over the paper-work. Since people take away those documents, she was christened as Ms. Take-away.

* * *

“Hey, isn’t CPG joining a group today?” questioned Take-away consulting the table-card. “Yes, Monkey and party.” Stated Aata. “Perhaps, CPG is the first in history to enjoy the services of the cafe like a customer on a working day.” Commented Handyman approvingly. “To be frank, I feel little scared to join the gathering. Not that I cannot interact, but for the fear of being addressed as ma’am.” Remarked CPG, icing the cake. At this, everyone laughed quietly.

Finally, it was 5PM. In came the people; some in groups, others as one or twos. Ms. Take-away announced their arrival in the mike so that the concerned group members could join each other. “Table 5 sir? Can you state the name of your group please?” “I am afraid; you cannot order food without an appointment madam.” “Ah, yes, some of your people are already seated. You may join them ma’am.” “No sir? The bookings start from 7PM.” “There are 15 minutes more for your appointment. Kindly be seated in the waiting-room madam?” etc were her remarks and directions.

In the kitchen, the dishes were being placed carefully as per people’s arrival. The illuminations were cheerily lit in each table. Soft symphony blended in background. Take-away’s instructions were carefully heard and without an instance delay, Aata, Handyman, Veg, Nut-cracker and Mixy briskly carried the respective trays.

Table 15, Mr. and Mrs. Faltu are here - - table 6, the fortune hunters have arrived - - table 1, chocolate cheaters are waiting for the first course of the menu - - table 12, birthday boomers are all set - - table 9, Monkey and party, your table is ready, continued the voice of Take-away.

A party of 3 guys and a gal occupied table 9. Their countenance expressed anticipation. “Hello? May I join you?” enquired CPG walking towards the table. “Welcome.” Said the chap seated at the left corner. “Nice to meet you, CPG.” Stated the guy seated at the right corner. “Hey CPG, glad to meet you. Before you get confused, let me introduce them to you.” Intervened the gal, “this chap with spiky hair is Dragon, the one with pointed nose is Chotu and the fatty chap is the child. Of course you know I’m Monkey. Why won’t you be seated?” “Glad to meet you all. Even though I’ve met you online, it feels great to meet in person.” Remarked CPG occupying the chair. “You’re indeed right. Exchange of texts and phone-in conversations are different from personal meetings.” Stated Dragon, glancing at the menu card. “It was definitely great to meet you on skype CPG, and if you people do not mind, can we begin with starters please? The aroma of food is tempting.” Stated Chotu.
As though on cue, Veg served 5 hot crispy masala dosas. “Mmm. Dosa?” questioned Dragon disbelievingly. “Perhaps, the dragon may enjoy relishing dosa. Mean while, we can discuss about his life to acquaint a little more? He can possibly correct us, if the details are wrong.” observed the child, smiling. “That, is an excellent idea!” remarked Monkey and before Dragon could protest, the talk about his life began.

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