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Chapter 1: A strange reason to be happy.
(by yaminy, added on 26 October 2012 04:36 AM)

5 past 11. Only ten minutes left for the van’s arrival. Can it pass through all the signals and get there in time?? The crew was aware about the punctuality; however, the Handyman felt doubtful. It was 20 past 11 when the van made it to the spot. “Why of all days are you late today, handyman?” enquired CPG politely but stiffly. “Well, either we ought to stop being the regular customer for fresh vegetables in the market, or else, pay the retail cost even for the bulk purchase. You tell me what to do, or, allow me to bring as soon as possible, standing in the crowd and pay for fresh goods at wholesale price.” Remarked Handyman unloading the packages from the luggage compartment. “Don’t worry, we shall work efficient and fast to meet the day’s agenda.” Declared Mixy, carrying inside 4 bags at a time. “By the way, I believe I am happy today.” Remarked Aata, opening refined flour container. “Why so? Indeed, you seem to be undecided of being happy?” enquired Veg, unpacking a sack of potatoes. “Yes, I am actually uncertain about the reactions after hearing my reason to be happy.” Declared Aata, adding water to dosa batter. “Oh, Aata, tell us, please? Why are you happy?” enquired CPG, mixing whole wheat flour and all purpose flour. “Well, first tell me, today’s potatoes one batch should be hard-boiled and the rest soft, right?” asked Veg, placing water-filled vessel on the stove. “Yes. Today’s order consists more of cutlets.” Replied Handyman consulting the menu chart. “Oh, and the hard-boiled potatoes are as per Monkey’s instructions, right?” questioned Mixy, recollecting the day’s bookings. “Ah, do not remind about today’s evening, please. My nerves go all jittery thinking about it.” Remarked CPG switching on the oven. “Aha, that’s right. You’re taking leave from your duties as the chief-cook and enjoy with friends. Hmm?” interposed Handyman, changing the chandelier above table number 15 with a small hanging lamp. “Umm, I suppose so.” Stated CPG, taking out the cookie-moulds from the drawer. “What would you say, if my reason of being happy is connected with the evening’s events?” enquired Aata, measuring corn flour. “Huh? How indeed? Are any of your friends joining today?” questioned CPG, smearing oil on the pan. “Well well, Handyman, coffee powder is almost empty. Have you brought more today?” questioned Mixy, filling ice cream scoops into cones and cups. “Of course, here you are.” Replied Handyman deftly handing the tin of coffee powder. “Oh dear, Mr. and Mrs. Faltu are scheduled to arrive in the evening, right?” intervened Veg, chopping the hard-boiled potatoes evenly. “That’s right. Can you believe, they wish this to be their last meal before applying for diverse?” enquired nut-cracker, making an informal entry into the kitchen.

“Hallo, nut-cracker? How was your day today?” asked Mixy, mixing chili-powder and salt. “Sometimes, breaking coconut seems easy, compared to correcting the homework of the school children, who care more for studies rather than enjoyment.” Replied Nut-cracker pealing groundnuts. “Ho, what a comparison my lad.” Said Handyman, replacing the table-mats. “Did you call him my lad, or my lord?” asked CPG curiously, removing the freshly baked cookies from the oven. “Umm, why my lord? None is in court now.” Declared Veg, chopping onions. “Even the kinsmen and noble mistresses used this phrase as per Shakespearian language?” commented Aata, “remember Desdemona’s way of addressing Othello? She says, your wife, my lord, your true and loyal wife.” “Perhaps, Mrs. Faltu may declare the same while testifying for the diverse; just a small replacement of R instead of L; Your wife, my lord, your true and royal wife.” Observed Nut-cracker, breaking open a coconut. Heartily chuckling at this speculation, everyone tasted roti prepared by CPG. “Well, you do know how to cook. And by the way, I said my lad and not my lord. Ok?” confirmed Handyman, testing the speakers at table number 6. “Ah, yes. Aata, you didn’t disclose the reason for your joy.” Said Veg, mashing boiled potatoes and groundnuts simultaneously. “UH, that, we get the chance of addressing CPG as ‘ma’am’ in the evening, right? First time in my whole service, I’ll call CPG as madam!” exclaimed Aata rolling roties rigorously. “Oh no you’ll not.” Declared CPG, dismayed.

* * *

“Individual’s outlook” or the former “parkers’ eatery” is a café located at parkers’ lane. The food joint earned fairly less profit compared to the bribery received by the parking inspectors. Admittedly, the eatery was then auctioned and mysteriously, it fell into the hands of the present administration. A few heads decided to model the eatery to something unique - - - one of its kind. By naming the eatery as “individual’s outlook,” the eating place was modeled like a café; only evening service. Consequently, crisp, efficient and fresh became 3 stirring words. The cookery unit decided to prepare everything on the same day, except batters which are to be fermented along with ice creams and other chilly products that need setting. CPG or the chill pill girl plays the role of the chief cook, who does not just supervise, but partakes in cooking too. The rule is to taste and test the food before serving others, for checking miscalculation of flavor. Every working-hand’s opinion is valued in this regard. In lieu of not relishing the food, pre-booking menus per group became the policy. This strategy opened many avenues to serve formal or informal conferences or gatherings. “Do taste, but do not waste” is the slogan the café follows. Unlike other eateries, “individual’s outlook” prepares the amount of food necessary only for the day. Often, chores occupy just a little while; staffs are thus mostly employed in other part-time jobs as well.

Creation of artificial atmosphere to go with the demands is another trait the café follows. With the mere trickery of lighting, a charismatic suitable ambiance is fashioned; candle-light setting to suggest romantic background, cheerful tiny bright lighting hinting a business environment, colourful dim-dip lighting signifying birthday party, simple plain illumination suggestive of friendly air and so on. Handyman, the retired photographer is skillful in this regard.

The amount of work differs everyday. The kitchen mood is always cheerful with well-organized job division and friendly gossips ranging from news to views. There is however, one slight hitch. The chief-cook insists everyone to address her as CPG and not by her name or madam; be it a colleague or client. It is thus a dear wish of many to call CPG as Ma’am in the manner of unmerciful friendly repartee.

* * *

Chapter 2: Ms. Take-away takes over.
(by yaminy, added on 26 October 2012 04:40 AM)

“Who in the world needs lunch if got to taste a bit of each dish everyday? Certainly, not me.” Remarked Veg, throwing vegetable wastes into a paper bag. “I do agree.” Declared Aata, carefully capping several tins of flour. “Ice creams are to be extra-soft.” Stated Mixy, switching on the blender. “Don’t forget to prepare today’s special coconut-sweet.” Chanted Handyman, cautiously packing the lighting-sets. “The last item, taste this sandwich please?” said CPG handing a small slice to all. “Yum,” remarked nut-cracker, “coconut grating is done, now for the preparation of sweet. Where is sugar?” “Wow? Here comes miss take-away. Isn’t she early?” declared Veg. “Hallo all!” boomed a jolly female, “unexpectedly, the last hour of mine was taken by another lecturer. So I’m early today. Here are the candies.” She continued depositing the bag on the table. “If you’d wait a little, our last chores will be done soon. Then we’ll help in the preparation of the colossal fortune-cake.” Said Mixy, stirring the coconut-sugar mixture. “Absolutely no problem. Till then, will have a look at the menu of today.” Declared take-away, occupying the chair at the reception desk.

* * *

To organize and enter the booking details in a business way, an interview was conducted several months ago to select a candidate for the desk-job. After many considerations, a female was appointed. This multi-tasking competent woman performs as a secretary in a broader sense. The paper-works which are often handed in the end of a conference are received by her early in advance confidentially. At the appointed time, she performs the role of the efficient associate of handing over the paper-work. Since people take away those documents, she was christened as Ms. Take-away.

* * *

“Hey, isn’t CPG joining a group today?” questioned Take-away consulting the table-card. “Yes, Monkey and party.” Stated Aata. “Perhaps, CPG is the first in history to enjoy the services of the cafe like a customer on a working day.” Commented Handyman approvingly. “To be frank, I feel little scared to join the gathering. Not that I cannot interact, but for the fear of being addressed as ma’am.” Remarked CPG, icing the cake. At this, everyone laughed quietly.

Finally, it was 5PM. In came the people; some in groups, others as one or twos. Ms. Take-away announced their arrival in the mike so that the concerned group members could join each other. “Table 5 sir? Can you state the name of your group please?” “I am afraid; you cannot order food without an appointment madam.” “Ah, yes, some of your people are already seated. You may join them ma’am.” “No sir? The bookings start from 7PM.” “There are 15 minutes more for your appointment. Kindly be seated in the waiting-room madam?” etc were her remarks and directions.

In the kitchen, the dishes were being placed carefully as per people’s arrival. The illuminations were cheerily lit in each table. Soft symphony blended in background. Take-away’s instructions were carefully heard and without an instance delay, Aata, Handyman, Veg, Nut-cracker and Mixy briskly carried the respective trays.

Table 15, Mr. and Mrs. Faltu are here - - table 6, the fortune hunters have arrived - - table 1, chocolate cheaters are waiting for the first course of the menu - - table 12, birthday boomers are all set - - table 9, Monkey and party, your table is ready, continued the voice of Take-away.

A party of 3 guys and a gal occupied table 9. Their countenance expressed anticipation. “Hello? May I join you?” enquired CPG walking towards the table. “Welcome.” Said the chap seated at the left corner. “Nice to meet you, CPG.” Stated the guy seated at the right corner. “Hey CPG, glad to meet you. Before you get confused, let me introduce them to you.” Intervened the gal, “this chap with spiky hair is Dragon, the one with pointed nose is Chotu and the fatty chap is the child. Of course you know I’m Monkey. Why won’t you be seated?” “Glad to meet you all. Even though I’ve met you online, it feels great to meet in person.” Remarked CPG occupying the chair. “You’re indeed right. Exchange of texts and phone-in conversations are different from personal meetings.” Stated Dragon, glancing at the menu card. “It was definitely great to meet you on skype CPG, and if you people do not mind, can we begin with starters please? The aroma of food is tempting.” Stated Chotu.
As though on cue, Veg served 5 hot crispy masala dosas. “Mmm. Dosa?” questioned Dragon disbelievingly. “Perhaps, the dragon may enjoy relishing dosa. Mean while, we can discuss about his life to acquaint a little more? He can possibly correct us, if the details are wrong.” observed the child, smiling. “That, is an excellent idea!” remarked Monkey and before Dragon could protest, the talk about his life began.

Chapter 3: Dragon’s tale, masala dosa.
(by yaminy, added on 26 October 2012 04:44 AM)

A young entrepreneur --- an absolute workaholic --- all time foody --- somewhat nerdy formed the introductory words by CPG, Chotu, Monkey and the child respectively. Taking a bite of dosa with chutney, CPG continued, “Dragon is one of the unique persons possessing a down-to-earth nature.” Crunching the dosa, Chotu intervened, “a good chap, no doubt, but sometimes a little moody. But that doesn’t intercede in his functioning capabilities.” Tasting the curry separately, the child stated, “any debate, argument or talk, Dragon has the potentiality to air his views in a convincing manner.” Chewing just the dosa, Monkey said, “Dragon has too much patience and never gets angry. The same is scary if he smoothly and tactfully admonishes anyone, if found doing something off beam. Believe me, I have experienced and felt like immersing into the deep earth and never return again, when he politely pointed a wrongdoing.”

“Uh, wait a minute,” stated Dragon choking on the dosa. “Hey why? Isn’t dosa tasting good?” questioned CPG, a little dejected. “Don’t be too greedy and gobble dosas. Relish at a slow pace so that you’ll not choke.” Cautioned Chotu. “Perhaps Dragon needs some more chutney?” questioned Monkey. “It seems better to know what dragon intends to say before we jump into conclusions?” stated the child. “Well, all your statements are exaggerations.” Interposed Dragon within the slight pause. “There is more worth mentioning about you for sure.” Declared the child, absently mixing curry in chutney. “Huh?” questioned Dragon, but others stopped him. With nothing at hand except to eat, dragon took another piece of dosa and heard the renewed discussion skeptically.

Genius in many fields --- a friendly chap --- blog and write-ups scribbler --- counselor was the next opening comments. Before further conversation took place, Dragon showed the universal gesture of silence. Thoroughly exasperated dragon said, “Now these talks are more than hyperbole, exaggeration, overstatements. Call it whatever, but the meaning and intent is the same. I may like dosa, but perhaps not so oblivious to overlook what is been said unlike many dream-writers who live in the land of fantasy.” “Says who?” questioned the child, unbelievingly. “I say so,” declared Dragon, “besides, after hearing all your gratuitous observations and dialogues, the inclination to eat dosa seems to have vanished.” “Is that so?” questioned CPG dubiously. “Speak the truth, old chap. You experience no inclination to eat dosa, cause your plate is empty.” Declared Chotu, perfectly maintaining an expressionless face. “Umm, you used an unusual often unheard word, Dragon. What does gratuitous mean?” queried Monkey seeming ignorant about the ongoing. “Well, gratuitous means uncalled for, unnecessary or unreasonable.” Explained Dragon taking a tissue. “Blast it, I was and I am hungry. You people can talk, but I for one, will eat now.” Declared Chotu, tearing the dosa energetically. “Well, Dragon? Why won’t you explain the nature of your work while we consume?” asked CPG. “Huh? The nature of my work? What do you mean?” enquired Dragon. “Perhaps the technical aspect?” remarked the child.

“The primary focus is marketing,” Began Dragon, “we do not exactly sell programs but trade with the dealers who are in need of them. This is perhaps similar to ready-to-eat products; they are sold to the dealers from factory directly and dealers in turn sell them in wholesale or retail shops respectively.” “Ah, hold on, your words somewhat imply the sale of raw materials. That being the case, the word program however indicates something different. We are aware that you run a software company. Can you please explain its marketing strategies?” enquired the child crushing the last piece of dosa. “We develop applications that improve marketing. You must have received messages in the cell phones promoting a product or come across a webpage popping like advertisements. The programs we develop are often like package deals providing many-in-one service. The contracts we undertake do not just involve promotional or advertising services, but design and develop customized system tools to take care of daily accounts as well as keep a track on viewers or readers to the webpage or messages respectively.” “Humph, thanks for explaining this, dragon. I was scared that dosa will not digest in the belly. However after hearing your description that went above my head, dosa pieces seems to have shrunk too,” stated Monkey. Easing her posture to the reclining position she continued, “When you mentioned package deals, I understood like purchasing audio CD verses data or MP3 CD. Usually an audio CD contains roughly about 16 to 19 songs, but when we spend a few bugs more and purchase the MP3 CD, we tend to get more than double, at least around 80 songs. When you spoke about keeping track of viewers and readers, I simply recollected the concept of TRP or Television Rating Point, the hidden television clock that is responsible for monitoring, recording and transmitting the duration of every program viewed in that TV.” “Hats off to your analysis, Monkey, technically the theory is different. However, the concept of free enterprise is of course followed by every entrepreneur. So your analytical thinking is likely plausible.” Stated dragon.

Suddenly, all 5 seemed to notice empty plates on the table. The chefs, who were taking inventories of food and plate conditions, identified the same. Deftly removing plates, spoons and bowls Aata remarked, “Shall I serve your next course ma’am, madam, sir, sir and sir?” The manner of such greeting tickled the five and they let out a hearty chuckle. This lightened the serious mood considerably. Finding no response to the query, Aata tactfully withdrew from the table.

“Your explanation is quite comprehensible Dragon. What I do not understand is the inspection of applications developed by you. How do you determine the accuracy?” enquired CPG. “Ah well, that is quite a huge topic to cover,” said Dragon, “you taste the food, we test the product. Imagine you purchase a tear-free onion cutter and discover to your dismay that tears are still streaming down when you’re chopping. At the outset, there are two probable reasons, the mechanism of the device is inaccurate or your eyes are programmed to shed tears while chopping onions no matter what the scenario or device is. This manner of easy detection is often carried out by automated testing tools in a software application. Assume that you recognize the defect to be found in the mechanism of onion cutter. You tend to check or remove every wire, nut and bolt to examine and locate the defect. This is indeed a lengthy and time consuming task. A similar procedure is used to manually test an application. Every function or the duty of the program is screened and tried laboriously until we find the defect. After identifying the flaw in the mechanism, you tend to either fix the problem or exchange the same with a new and working tear-free onion cutter. We do the same to achieve the accuracy after detection of defect; either we rectify the malfunctioning utility or recode the entire program if necessary. To put it simply, a defect is called as bug in the software language. Bug detection and rectification is like proof reading a document; writers either edit or rewrite the document to achieve perfection, the software testers and developers rectify or recode the program.” “Thanks dragon, this explanation is simple to understand,” remarked CPG. “It is incredible if you understood these details, CPG. I have literally gone mad after hearing the same.” Declared Chotu placing both the hands on his forehead. “Don’t worry, you were in deed mad before, no surprises in the late realization.” confirmed Monkey.

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