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Chapter 1: death
(by majid hussain, added on 20 October 2012 10:38 AM)

destiny revised
by majid hussain.
chapter 1
there was a castle in the sky in that castle lived an old man.
and the old man lived with his children.
who lived in the huge castle, with there farver.
the man's name was majid hussain, he worked in a farm plowing feelds. so he could make money and stock up for the winter.
one day as he was plowing the fealds, he was suddenly and with out any warning hit on the head so hard, that his skull was distroied and so ended the life of poor majid hussain.
or did it?
majid found him self on a barren waste land covered in snow, and ice he blinked and thort is this what it is like after death?
Meny people thort that wen you died your sole went on to a hia plane, or, that you had the option of living again also known as re incarnation in a differant time, for if you were to be re incarnated, you would have the option to assist your younger self, but with meny ristricktions.
Like the fact that you would be forbidon to tel your younger self who you were.
Suddenly, he saw a young woman, who looked no older than 20 walking towards him and he felt the power that pawd of her in waves, she felt to majid like a reservoir of un tapped power
Majid asked who are you?
The woman smiled and sed nature majid I am the wind that blows on your face, I am the rane that paws down from the sky, I am the gale force winds that distroies mountins and peoples homes
She stopped in frunt of majid and sed majid, you have a choise to make.
Majid blinked at her in confusion, he sed I am sorry, what choise?
The choise to be reincarnated, so you can assist your younger self, or to go on as a goast, and meet your family and ansesters. Majid suddenly thort of his children that he would leve behind if he left them, he also thort of his grand Parents who would be wating for him if he delade.
majid then rememberd the terable child hould that he had had, and he had wished that someone, any one would get him away from the hellish home in which he lived in.
of course it did not happen.
He thort if I go back, I could change all of that for the better.
And give my younger self a chance to have a childhould, and a chance for love, not woshing pots, being beeten every day, and not sleeping in the dogs kennel.
Majid then made his choise, that would change the world for ever.
The woman was still smiling at majid awating his responce. Majid sed, I wish to have another chance at life, I wish to change what has happend and make it better. I wish to assist my younger self in making a world which will not be filled with murders, deaths, and famin.
Majid suddenly thort of what name he would use wen he went back in time he asked nature could my new name be ivvanda? Nature thort for a moment then sed with a smile
That is up to you majid, but having a new name, will conseel you from forces that will seek to distroy you because you will be altering the time line.
Well majid, I wish you luck, and we will meet again sed nature
The world seemed to vanish and majid began to spin, pain like he had never felt in his life gripped him like a vice.
his last thorts before oblivion and pain took him was heres to change, and a new future
ivvanda found him self in a lush medow full of flowers, and wanderd what the heck he was doing in a medow of all places, the last thing he rememberd, was nature telling him that he would be traveling back in time, he certainly did not hear nature tell him about a meadow.
For lack of doing anything allse, ivvanda started walking looking for any clues that would tell him what or even were he was.
Then suddenly, the silence was broken by ascreem.
Ivvanda started running to ware he heard the sound from, and then the person screemed again he could clearly hear wimpering please, please, no, not again, please donít please spear me!
Ivvanda saw a child thrashing in pure agony and ivvanda stopped and wandered how the hell he was going to help this pour person.
And suddenly he nelt down, and sed wake up child, wake up!
With a jurk, the person opend there eyes.
And ivvanda gasped in shock, for the person whome he was looking down on, was his younger self.

Majidís pov.
I jerk awake as I hear wake up child, wake up!
I blink my eyes and think am I dead?
No majid, you are not dead, I think we are in your mind says a voice I jump in shock and leep to my feet there is a man whome does not intiley look solid, he lookes like a ghost.

Who are you I ask in a little whisper.
My name says the man is ivvanda, or majid hussain
Whwhwhat? I am a time traveler, and came back because I need to change our past for the better. He says, how ever, I did not expect this.
What do you mean I ask I was sent back in the thort that I would merge with you, my younger self, but that has not happend.

Ummm, are you going to stay in my head for ever? I ask ivvanda, no, I have away of merging with you but, it will heart and I donít kno what will happen, I donít kno if you will have my memmeries, or I will absorb you, because you are the younger soul.
You came back because of our past I asked ivvanda
Yes he says, I want to make it better for us, and events in the future.
Okay, this sounds bad. So, what do I have to do?
You must allow me to be absorbed by you.
Oh, okay I say not liking the sound of that one bit, but if it made a difference, hell I would do it.
Ivvanda comes to me till we are touching I close my eyes and think I hear some thunder in the background this will hert ivvanda says before there is a flash of light and a crack of thunder and darkness claimes me hole.

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