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Chapter 6: I just want to be supported.
(by Ian McNamara, added on 2 January 2015 01:03 AM)

Singing was my life, my passion. it was the only thing i really felt comfortable doing. before going to the audition i never thought this would be possible for me but now i was threw. i could not understand why my parents did not support my dream. after all if i made it as a singer i'd be able to make life better for my family.

i am not a big headed person and i have very strong values. Going for the factor was just something I needed to do, this was something that could really change my life and allow me to follow a dream i've always had.

When I got in to my room after college i lay on my bed and cried. Yes i was worried about mother but I also wanted to sing badly. would I ever get support?

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