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Chapter 3: a kind stranger.
(by emily, added on 14 November 2013 09:16 PM)

so, here i was, standing outside my own front door, shivering in the cold night. why would my family do that?. don't they understand that it has always been my dream to be a singer, and entering the X factor could help me on my way to it?

i tapped on the door, but to no answer. everyone inside was clearly ignoring me, and not interested in letting me back in.

what could i do?. i had no case, i had no where to go. i had no money, and i was in the middle of a contest. i got through the first round of auditions, and that was great. but it couldn't stop their, i had to go back for the next round. even if i failed the second round, i had to go back.

i had no choice. i started walking down the path that led to the road. i was hoping that something would come to me, someone would take me in. crazy thought i know, a stranger taking pity on me. but it was worth a try.

as if by magic, someone, or something, tapped me on the shoulder.

i turned around to see a woman, with a kindly face standing in the darkness.

" you look familiar," she said. " l...... leane is it?. lesley?. that girl off the X factor. "

" it's laura," i told her.

" why are you out here?. why are you walking down the path alone in the dark. that's hardly the life of a famous celebrity. "

" my parents kicked me out, and before you ask, no... i don't know why. i thought they'd be happy i entered the X factor and got through the first round. "

" you look cold, and i'm sure you're hungry. why don't you come inside?"
i walked with the strange woman to her house, and once inside collapsed on her sofa and sighed with relief.

" thanks for this, it means a lot. by the way, have we met before?"

" i don't think we have, actually. i'm mrs steuart. " she shook laura's hand, and then went from the kitchen.

" pizza okay?" mrs steuart shouted from the kitchen. " it's what me and my husband had tonight. "

" it's fine, thanks again!. "

soon, we were enjoying a peperoni pizza, and talking about the X factor.

" it must have been scary up on that stage," mrs steuart commented. " i could never do such a thing as that. and sing in front of simon?. no, i couldn't do that. "

" oh yes," i told her. " i was so scared. but, i did it. that's all that matters. i did it and i'm so proud!. "

" you should be, well done you. now, what are we going to do about sleeping?. you can't stay here, we don't have space for guests. "

" i could sleep on the sofa," i said. " i could sleep on the floor. it's only for 1 night. "

" we should go back to your parents, probably. i bet they must be worried sick about you really. "

outside, i led the way to my parents house, and trembling, i knocked the door.

this time, my mother answered.

" laura!". it wasn't really clear what she was thinking. half of her face said, we're so glad to see you're safe, yet the other half said, go away all ready. " who's this strange woman?. "

" oh, this is mrs steuart!. she fed me and we talked about the X factor"

mom looked at me, then at mrs steuart.

" i suppose, you'd be wanting something in return for looking after laura?"

" it's fine," mrs steuart was clearly happy that she had helped out, and required nothing in return, from anyone.

" as for you, you better come in. but, keep out the way of your father. he's not happy you entered the X factor, and even lied to us. and quite frankly, nor am i. but, it's saturday night, it's late, and i'm not having my daughter out on the streets, or at some strangers house. "

mrs steuart glared at my mom, then she left, without even a word to me.

i quietly crept inside, up the stairs, and to bed. enough was enough for 1 day.

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