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Chapter 2: explain!
(by Kelsey, added on 23 September 2012 08:26 PM)

"Laura, where have you been!" shuts Dad when I get in the door.
Oh my god! Why didn't I think of this.
"I was doing after school stuff," I lie.
"Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm," replies Dad, unconvinced.
I go to my room, lock the door and sit on the bed.
"Laura! X factor!" calls (ad us the stairs.
I slouch dowstairs and sit with my little brother Nathan.
Then a picture of the judges are talking. Talking to me!
"Laura!" Dad shouts.
"I thought you'd be proud. I did it! I got four yesses. Please, I'm sorry," I gabble.
"Young Lady," he rages. "you..."
"I?" I ask curiously.
"Look pack yo-re bags and go live on you're own if you're so full of yourself!"
I stand, sack, open the front door and... leave.

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