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Chapter 5: another week begins
(by emily, added on 12 May 2014 05:33 PM)

sunday came and went.

soon enough, i was sitting in the kitchen, all dressed for colledge.

remarkably, i'd managed to dress in record time.

mrs steuart drove me to the colledge, half an hour from my house.

the weather outside was grey, but it wasn't raining. it was just grey.

when i arived at colledge, the corridors were full of students heading to their various classrooms. most of them payed no attention to me, they were too occupied with their own lives.

i had a lot on my mind. i tried to focus on the lessons, but i wasn't succeeding. their were several points during the day where the teachers walked round to my desk and poked me in the ribbs, waking me up with " laura!. laura!. i'm asking you a question!. wake up!. "

i'd stir, answer the question, then fall back asleep. i just wanted the day to be over.

the big question was about the x factor, and how if at all possible, i'd get to the next round of auditions. their was also the worry of my mother- and if she'd be okay. if she'd be in hospital for a long time, or if she'd be out in a few days.

but i never mentioned any of this to anyone at colledge. i stayed silent, and tried to hide it

the end of the day came. i rushed out to mrs steuart and jumped in her car.

she asked me " and how was your day at colledge today, laura?. "

i lied to her. " oh it was great. " i told her. " i learnt so much. "

mrs steuart smiled. " well, that's good. glad they are teaching you well. i thought tonight we'd order in a chinese or something, their's nothing in the house. what do you say?. "

i shrugged my shoulders.

" what ever,. " was my reply.

before mrs steuart even had a chance to ask what was wrong, i'd bolted from the car, in to the house, and upstairs.

i know what you're thinking, why singing?. out of everything i could do, why a singer.

well, the truth is, i don't really know myself. what i do know is, singing is my only love, and you should be able to follow your dreams, no matter what they are.

that's 1 thing i was told at a young age. if you have dreams, go for them. keep them alive.

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