Midnight Darkness

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Chapter 1: Past and Present
(by Kelsey, added on 23 September 2012 03:21 PM)

I was born in a lovely Welsh hospital. I wish. I was actually born in a dismal old cottage my family stay in every year. How boaring! My first sight of the world was... black. Darkness.
That was sixteen years ago today. Happy birthday me. No one else seems to care, know, bother about me. We're back in this stupid cottage supposedly for a treat. However this time, it's not me and my family. It's me and a bunch of violent people ready to take on racism. I am part of this. Uncle says I'm good at it. But the feeling inside burns me up. It scares me.
"Lily, you ready girl?" asks my uncle, giving me a forced smile. If only I didn't know the truth about him. If only I was as naive as I was sixteen years ago when I entered this world.
Right, lets start again. I'm blind. Have been since birth. I'm part of a violent gang taking on racism. My parents were killed by this gang and I was taken hostage. They think I support their cause. But a friend told me about uncle. How he's killed, maimed and slautered. I'm scared inside. Scared scared scared. It eats me up from the inside, burning away my soul until I'm a worthless machine, an evil killer, a murderer.
I've been part of riets, protests and killings. The reason scares me is because when I look down upon the bodies with blood pooring out of their mouths I feel... nothing. No sadness, no guilt, just nothing. It's like my soul has been taken already and left behind a gap where emotions should gather. Everyone seems to be like this in the gang. No emotions at all.

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