Midnight Darkness

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Chapter 3: Frankie
(by Kelsey, added on 23 September 2012 07:54 PM)

I'm stuck into this memory now. I can't pull myself out of it. So I burry myself deeper in it. I have to think. The past is often the key to the future.
No! I've just thought about Frankie! No! Not Frankie!
Back in year 9, before Uncle had full control of me, my best friend was a girl called Frankie. She was like a sister to me, talking to me at break, understanding my sudden mood swings (usually when I'd been forced to kill). But one day, the day Uncle took me I had to, had to...
It was horrid, seeing her eyes staring at me pleadingly from her skull, hearing her final gasp of breath as the knife hit her heart. Oh god! Why? It's as if now I can hear her voice in my head. "How could you? How could you?" she seems to be saying to me.
How could I?

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