When The Night Comes

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Chapter 2: Darkness
(by Eleanor, added on 21 July 2013 10:48 AM)

A weight still pushes downwards, ever downwards. It is like a time bomb, ticking, ticking as time draggs ever onwards. I am scared. I am terrified.
Locked in this room, with only four walls, not the barest hint of light. I should have listened to my proverbs, in the barest sense. Nothing but stone; I feel. Nothing but dust; I breathe. I am scared. I am terrified.
The Terrors are black, shapeless, but still there. I can feel them, as much as you may feel a wind that brushes by your face, as much as you may hear a scream in the darkness. Screams. All around. Perhaps I am imagining them, perhaps not. Who can tell? For, I have been shut out here for goodness knows how long. Days do not matter any longer. Days are meaningless; so meaningless. As meaningless as my name is now. Evriala, perhaps that is a good name for me now. Evriala. Evriala. But why, why, why, why? It is not for me to decide. Terrors...Terrors...I did nothing wrong. Oh Lord. Oh Lord.
Won't someone help me? Please? I am Evriala. I am the Tide, the Winds! Help! Help!

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