the lost city

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Chapter 9: the sacrifice
(by emily, added on 16 November 2013 03:24 PM)

with amy quickly drowning, it was up to will and gemma to save her.

gemma backed away, while wil showed no fear as he headed towards the screaming.

what he saw nearly made him freeze.

their, in front of him, was a swamp. a massive, swamp.

the glistening sword that amy had found was lying nearby. he thought to touch it, but decided against it. he needed to find amy.

llooking in to the swamp, he saw amy.. right at the bottom of the massive swamp.

" amy!" he called.

as he did so, a hand touched him on the shoulder

" so, you found my magic fire blade, huh?. or should i say, your little friend found it. well, it's too bad for you, as i speak, amy is dying at the bottom of the swamp, and their is nothing, you can do!. ha, ha, ha!".

it was myron. now that wil got a better look at him, he could see what a disgusting figure he actually was.

" please!" wil cried. " she's so little!. and so scared!. for christ sake, myron, what cruel game is this. "

mmyron cackled

" no chance!. she found the magic fire blade, she will pay!"

as he said that, wil got an idea.

" take me, in sted. i'm not scared.... amy is!. let her go!. "

" where's you're other little friend, anyway?. is she scared, too?"

" i'm right here, myron!. i'm right here!."

gemma emerged from the trees with an angry look in her eyes.

" so, how's this going to work?" myron asked. " am i to let amy go?".

they both nodded

" but, then i have to take 1 of you in her place.... who will it be!."

gemma managed to stutter.. " and..... if we come with you, what would we be doing?. "

" oh don't you understand?. you'll be sacrificing yourself so your other little friends may be able to get out, or not. i may let them, we'll see. "

" i'll do it. " came amy's voice from the bottom of the swamp.

" good girl, " myron laughed. " now, run along you 2. i've a sacrifice to prepare. "

" we can't let...... myro....."

" shut, the hell, up!" shreeked myron as an icy finger grabbed gemma by the arm.

" oh, and 1 more thing?. the sword!"

myron grabbed the sword, and through it in to the swamp. " that should settle the fate of little amy," he said.

with that, myron vanished, leaving the 2 friends pretty shaken.

" so what do we do?" asked gemma. " what now?"

" don't you see?" said wil. " we have to get in to the swa....."

but as he said that, the ground began to burn, and the swamp began to look like a massive fire pit.

" swamp, " finnished wil. " but i don't see how we can rescue her now. just look what's happening. "

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