the lost city

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Chapter 8: Kill or be Killed
(by Eleanor, added on 16 November 2013 11:32 AM)

With heavy hearts, the three friends passed the docile snakes, meandering out into what they called the ruins.
"A fire blade?" muttered Amy. "How would we..."
"You were wrong!" yelled Gemma at Will, eyes flashing. "They were nice, those snakes."
"Yeah, but they weren't-"
"Just shut up! Don't you understand?" Amy had turned as if she were about to hit the two. Their voices rang out over the landscape, echoing like a forlorn bell. "We need to start looking! We'll either get killed, or we'll become murderers!
With that, the irate girl stormed away. Sheepishly the two followed.

Stepping lightly over rubble, their eyes scanned the ground. It was littered with clumps of dirt, a mildewy smell wreaking havoc with their nostrils. Where would it be buried? Surely Myron and the queen would have put enchantments on the blade.
A yell rang out from their left. "I found - aaaaaaaarrrghh!" Gem and Will panicked: it was Amy, but where was she?
Staggering, said girl came into view, blood dripping from her right hand. A shimmering sword gleamed at her hip, but she was sobbing in pain.
"Th-they're after us! R-r-r-run! Run!"
A thumping sound.... Screeching, and a gurgle, like someone was drowning.

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