the lost city

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Chapter 6: The Test
(by Eleanor, added on 14 November 2013 04:44 PM)

Gemma started shivering. From her toes, up to her stomach, reaching right down to her fingertips. Looking round, she noticed all the other faces were pale.
"W-Where's Myron?"
"Shut up, Gem! Just, shut, up!"
As the snakes hissed their little lullaby, Amy turned to the other two. "Okay, listen," she mouthed, barely moving her lips. They were pressed together in a huddle, gripping each other's hands. "We have to r-run, yeah?"
"Yeah..." They muttered, not entirely convinced.
It was then that the snakes struck. Not all of them, just enough to set the kids' hearts racing. "Run! Oh, run! We hate you, Myron!"

In the heart of Arkadia, Myron chuckled. "Mmm... These humans are not as brave as I thought."

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