the lost city

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Chapter 1: the beginning
(by emily, added on 14 September 2012 03:09 PM)

once apon a time, 3 friends, who had nothing to do for the afternoon, decided to go and explore.

Chapter 2: What they found
(by Louisa, added on 27 October 2012 09:44 PM)

The three friends were walking in a forest. It was a warm day, but under the trees there was some shade. Suddenly they came to a large door. On it was a sign. The sign said, "be awhere, many secrets lie within".

Chapter 3: Why Exactly To Take Heed of a Sign
(by Eleanor, added on 29 October 2012 09:14 AM)

Of course, the three friends were curious. "S-should we go in?" one asked, her voice quaking. She was a short girl, with a plump face and round eyes. Her name was Gemma.
"What do you think!" cried the second friend, whose name was Will. "Of course we're going in!" Will was the ringleader of the three friends, and the boldest. Amy, the third friend, was a quiet girl, with black hair and blue eyes. "Very well," she muttered.
The three good friends all placed their hands on the rusted handle of the door, which was unlocked. "One, two, three!" they chanted, before opening the door. A creeking, groaning sound emited from the space beyond, and the friends' faces went white with fear.
"Well, come on then," muttered Will. Each of them stepped through the doorway in turn. They should've known, those three, to listen to signs.

Chapter 4: Silence
(by Eleanor, added on 16 February 2013 09:47 PM)

Drip, drip, drip.
The monotonous sound of water hitting stone reached the three pairs of ears.
"I said we shouldn't go in," whispered Gemma in the eary silence, her voice small and shaky, akin to a mouse.
"Shut up," growled Will, gripping tighter on to the two girl's hands. Amy sighed.
"Has anyone got a lamp?" she whispered, her low voice reverberating in the cavernous space. A flickering of colour, and then a light was shone forth. Each of them let out a breath they hadn't realised they'd been holding.
"Look!" squeaked Gemma, pointing. Hanging from the ceiling hewn of rock were plethoras upon plethoras of sparkling chains, winking cheekily at them from high rafters. Will gulped. "Um...What are they used for?" he hoarsely hissed, glaring at Amy.
"And I would know that because?" she snapped back, irritated.
"And what," boomed a voice from high above them, bouncing off the walls and chiming in their eardrums, "Are you doing here?"
They froze.

Chapter 5: lord myron
(by emily, added on 13 November 2013 04:29 PM)

" and who" asked will, " are you?"

the others tapped him on the arm to try and get him to shut up, but he wouldn't. " and," he continued, " what is this place?"

"i'm lord myron, and this is the ancient city of arkadia"

" ar what?" they all said together

" arkadia. and no one, human anyway, have visited us for over 500 years"

their was stunned silence as the 3 friends took in this information

"so you see," myron continued, " i'm not sure what to do with you."

" let us go?" said gemma, clearly wanting to get back home.

myron laughed. " do you honestly think that's going to happen?. hell, you've only just arived!. i want you 3 to be new residents of our city.. we've missed human company. it's been so long!

will asked him, " and what do you expect us to do here?. it looks pretty quiet and boring"

"boring?" echoed myron. " i'll show you boring. "

with that, myron clicked his fingers, and the 3 friends found themselves in a dark tunnel, surrounded by what seemed to be snakes. the snakes wern't really paying any attention to the newcomers, they were just slivering through the tunnel. it was like they had never even arived.

"myro....." will got interupted by a hiss from 1 of the snakes. he thought it best to be quiet, and that was something coming from him, as he was the bravest of the 3.

Chapter 6: The Test
(by Eleanor, added on 14 November 2013 04:44 PM)

Gemma started shivering. From her toes, up to her stomach, reaching right down to her fingertips. Looking round, she noticed all the other faces were pale.
"W-Where's Myron?"
"Shut up, Gem! Just, shut, up!"
As the snakes hissed their little lullaby, Amy turned to the other two. "Okay, listen," she mouthed, barely moving her lips. They were pressed together in a huddle, gripping each other's hands. "We have to r-run, yeah?"
"Yeah..." They muttered, not entirely convinced.
It was then that the snakes struck. Not all of them, just enough to set the kids' hearts racing. "Run! Oh, run! We hate you, Myron!"

In the heart of Arkadia, Myron chuckled. "Mmm... These humans are not as brave as I thought."

Chapter 7: the legend of arkadia
(by emily, added on 14 November 2013 10:05 PM)

it took a lot of bravery, and a lot of work, but, eventually, the 3 friends managed to escape the worst of the snakes.

" why are these snakes so angry?" asked gemma

" because, " snarled wil, " snakes are not nice creatures. what kind of a question is that?"

" a very good question, actually. ". they spun around to se where the voice was coming from.

" holy hell," cried wil, " a talking snake!".

the snake that had spoken was a massive python. the biggest snake of the lot.

" okay, " said wil. " why is it a good question?. tell us tell us. "

the snake hissed. " we used to be human. well, we wern't humans like you 3, we were... we were woriors. we defended the city and most importantly, we kep myron from interfering with our world. ".

" what's this got to do with why we are here?" amy asked weakly.

" well, you see, between us, we made a home for ourselves. we made a huge city, with huge gates around it. we had everything, from houses, to a school, we even had our own battle field. "

"so life was pretty good then, " said gemma.

" yes, it was. anyway, to cut a long story short, 1 day, laticia, who claimed to be 1 of us, betrayed the city. she placed a horrible curse on the city, which tore down the gates. that was only the start. we believe that laticia and myron are working side by side, to destroy the rest of us. ever since the curse, myron's been acting strange.... not letting anyone near the city, not even letting us have food, hell, not even giving us any light. it's been dark for 500 years. "

"so the snakes?" asked wil. " how'd you become snakes?"

" when the gates fell, that's when it happened. god.... it's such a horrible curse. we've lost everything, everything!. "

"so is latisha human too?" asked wil.

" yes, she's the queen."

" well, what do you want us to do?"

" it's simple, we want you to lift the curse. we believe, that if humans can enter latisha's castle, and kill her, it may prompt myron to leave the city, their for restoring our worior forms, and the city can be rebuilt. "

" that's why myron wouldn't let anyone near the city," will said. " because he knows that only humans can break the curse. "

" got it too," said gemma.

the snake continued. " killing latisha will not be easy. she is resistant to most things."

" so what will kill her?" asked wil

" fire. latisha can't stand fire. if you head out in to the ruins, you'll come across a magic fire blade. we believe myron made the mistake of burying it before he took over the city. find it, enter the castle, kill latisha, and their will be something in it for you, too!. "

" what?" asked wil. " what kind of thing?.

" we'd need help rebuilding the city, and we will need new rulers. go now, i must sleep. "

as if by magic, all the snakes stopped hissing, and the portal to the ruins opened up before them.

Chapter 8: Kill or be Killed
(by Eleanor, added on 16 November 2013 11:32 AM)

With heavy hearts, the three friends passed the docile snakes, meandering out into what they called the ruins.
"A fire blade?" muttered Amy. "How would we..."
"You were wrong!" yelled Gemma at Will, eyes flashing. "They were nice, those snakes."
"Yeah, but they weren't-"
"Just shut up! Don't you understand?" Amy had turned as if she were about to hit the two. Their voices rang out over the landscape, echoing like a forlorn bell. "We need to start looking! We'll either get killed, or we'll become murderers!
With that, the irate girl stormed away. Sheepishly the two followed.

Stepping lightly over rubble, their eyes scanned the ground. It was littered with clumps of dirt, a mildewy smell wreaking havoc with their nostrils. Where would it be buried? Surely Myron and the queen would have put enchantments on the blade.
A yell rang out from their left. "I found - aaaaaaaarrrghh!" Gem and Will panicked: it was Amy, but where was she?
Staggering, said girl came into view, blood dripping from her right hand. A shimmering sword gleamed at her hip, but she was sobbing in pain.
"Th-they're after us! R-r-r-run! Run!"
A thumping sound.... Screeching, and a gurgle, like someone was drowning.

Chapter 9: the sacrifice
(by emily, added on 16 November 2013 03:24 PM)

with amy quickly drowning, it was up to will and gemma to save her.

gemma backed away, while wil showed no fear as he headed towards the screaming.

what he saw nearly made him freeze.

their, in front of him, was a swamp. a massive, swamp.

the glistening sword that amy had found was lying nearby. he thought to touch it, but decided against it. he needed to find amy.

llooking in to the swamp, he saw amy.. right at the bottom of the massive swamp.

" amy!" he called.

as he did so, a hand touched him on the shoulder

" so, you found my magic fire blade, huh?. or should i say, your little friend found it. well, it's too bad for you, as i speak, amy is dying at the bottom of the swamp, and their is nothing, you can do!. ha, ha, ha!".

it was myron. now that wil got a better look at him, he could see what a disgusting figure he actually was.

" please!" wil cried. " she's so little!. and so scared!. for christ sake, myron, what cruel game is this. "

mmyron cackled

" no chance!. she found the magic fire blade, she will pay!"

as he said that, wil got an idea.

" take me, in sted. i'm not scared.... amy is!. let her go!. "

" where's you're other little friend, anyway?. is she scared, too?"

" i'm right here, myron!. i'm right here!."

gemma emerged from the trees with an angry look in her eyes.

" so, how's this going to work?" myron asked. " am i to let amy go?".

they both nodded

" but, then i have to take 1 of you in her place.... who will it be!."

gemma managed to stutter.. " and..... if we come with you, what would we be doing?. "

" oh don't you understand?. you'll be sacrificing yourself so your other little friends may be able to get out, or not. i may let them, we'll see. "

" i'll do it. " came amy's voice from the bottom of the swamp.

" good girl, " myron laughed. " now, run along you 2. i've a sacrifice to prepare. "

" we can't let...... myro....."

" shut, the hell, up!" shreeked myron as an icy finger grabbed gemma by the arm.

" oh, and 1 more thing?. the sword!"

myron grabbed the sword, and through it in to the swamp. " that should settle the fate of little amy," he said.

with that, myron vanished, leaving the 2 friends pretty shaken.

" so what do we do?" asked gemma. " what now?"

" don't you see?" said wil. " we have to get in to the swa....."

but as he said that, the ground began to burn, and the swamp began to look like a massive fire pit.

" swamp, " finnished wil. " but i don't see how we can rescue her now. just look what's happening. "

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