the lost city

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Chapter 5: lord myron
(by emily, added on 13 November 2013 04:29 PM)

" and who" asked will, " are you?"

the others tapped him on the arm to try and get him to shut up, but he wouldn't. " and," he continued, " what is this place?"

"i'm lord myron, and this is the ancient city of arkadia"

" ar what?" they all said together

" arkadia. and no one, human anyway, have visited us for over 500 years"

their was stunned silence as the 3 friends took in this information

"so you see," myron continued, " i'm not sure what to do with you."

" let us go?" said gemma, clearly wanting to get back home.

myron laughed. " do you honestly think that's going to happen?. hell, you've only just arived!. i want you 3 to be new residents of our city.. we've missed human company. it's been so long!

will asked him, " and what do you expect us to do here?. it looks pretty quiet and boring"

"boring?" echoed myron. " i'll show you boring. "

with that, myron clicked his fingers, and the 3 friends found themselves in a dark tunnel, surrounded by what seemed to be snakes. the snakes wern't really paying any attention to the newcomers, they were just slivering through the tunnel. it was like they had never even arived.

"myro....." will got interupted by a hiss from 1 of the snakes. he thought it best to be quiet, and that was something coming from him, as he was the bravest of the 3.

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