the lost city

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Chapter 3: Why Exactly To Take Heed of a Sign
(by Eleanor, added on 29 October 2012 09:14 AM)

Of course, the three friends were curious. "S-should we go in?" one asked, her voice quaking. She was a short girl, with a plump face and round eyes. Her name was Gemma.
"What do you think!" cried the second friend, whose name was Will. "Of course we're going in!" Will was the ringleader of the three friends, and the boldest. Amy, the third friend, was a quiet girl, with black hair and blue eyes. "Very well," she muttered.
The three good friends all placed their hands on the rusted handle of the door, which was unlocked. "One, two, three!" they chanted, before opening the door. A creeking, groaning sound emited from the space beyond, and the friends' faces went white with fear.
"Well, come on then," muttered Will. Each of them stepped through the doorway in turn. They should've known, those three, to listen to signs.

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