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Chapter 3: Unceasing Laughter
(by Eleanor, added on 16 March 2013 03:54 PM)

She hasn't come out of her room all day. And Mom still hasn't come home.
I wait, holding my breath. Any second now, I will smell the flowery scent of her perfume, hear her clacking downstairs. I will hear her falsetto voice chirping up the stairs, her tone bubbling up inside me like a glorious whirlpool. She will shout, "Claudia! Rachel! Come downstairs, mom's home!" like she usually does. I can almost hear the cooking timer going off, blaring in our house, pervading my ears with the sound knowledge that food was on it's way.
But the house is silent. I can feel it clawing at me, the rough itchy material of my Sunday clothes rubbing against my skin in a regular patern. It doesn't matter that it is Sunday. It's always the same, except today.
I can hear strange noises. Booming thumps that are laughing at me for being so foolish, naive. I can't move, fear gripping me in it's ice cold fingers. I am a rabbit, terrified, hapless. I can feel a shadow lurking, hissing, laughing. Still the laughter. It never ceases.
Rachel? What have they done with Rachel?

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