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(by Blake Tracy, added on 14 April 2012 12:33 AM)

I listen to my Ipod on full blast. I do not look at the screen, so I do not see the "battery low" message. After only a few minutes, it stopps. "Oh great." I think to myself. "Time to ask rachel if I can borrow her charger again.

"Rachel?" I call, knocking on the door of her room. She has been shut up in her room all day. I think she might be sick.

"GO AWAY!" comes rachel's angry-sounding voice from inside.

"Can I borrow your Ipod charger again? I sware I'll find mine some day." The reason I don't have mine is because I lost it. I think I left it at Aunt Mary and Uncle Levi's house the other day.

The door flies open so fast, it is a blur, and it makes my head spin. Hands considerably stronger than rachel's little scrawny fingers lift me boddily off the ground.

"I said, go--away." rachel growls. Rachel is growling? Timid rachel never growls. And what about this strength?

"Why don't you put me down and tell me why you're so mad." I say quickly.

"!" Rachel's growl rises in pitch, and in nastiness, until it is a screach that makes my ears ring.

"What's going on?" I ask. "Rachel, i'm your sister! What are you doing?"

A kind of light flickers in Rachel's eyes. "Wha?" she says, promptly putting me down. "Yes, you can borrow my charger if you don't disturb me. I'm sorry." she says verry fast. She sounds frightened. She runs into her room, picks up the charger, comes back, and handing it to me, she slams the door in my face.

"Thanks." I mumble, and go to charge my Ipod, resolving to tell Mom about Rachel when she gets home. I may not be the smartest girl in Minco, but I wasn't born yesterday. something is terribly wrong.

Chapter 2: Not Right
(by Eleanor, added on 28 November 2012 04:40 PM)

My name is Rachel...Or at least, I presume it is. Rough voices have been telling me I'm a nobody, a worthless piece of rubbish. I don't know why...I am stronger, but weaker in the mind. I do things, and I don't know I'm doing them. They say to me that I am a whimp for a 12-year-old. It's killing me inside, chewing my thoughts out.
I try to kill, to maim. I am a monster. Ever since I walked into that shadow, nothing has been the same.
And mom does not understand. Noone understands. I am despicable! What is happening to me? Please? Anyone?

Chapter 3: Unceasing Laughter
(by Eleanor, added on 16 March 2013 03:54 PM)

She hasn't come out of her room all day. And Mom still hasn't come home.
I wait, holding my breath. Any second now, I will smell the flowery scent of her perfume, hear her clacking downstairs. I will hear her falsetto voice chirping up the stairs, her tone bubbling up inside me like a glorious whirlpool. She will shout, "Claudia! Rachel! Come downstairs, mom's home!" like she usually does. I can almost hear the cooking timer going off, blaring in our house, pervading my ears with the sound knowledge that food was on it's way.
But the house is silent. I can feel it clawing at me, the rough itchy material of my Sunday clothes rubbing against my skin in a regular patern. It doesn't matter that it is Sunday. It's always the same, except today.
I can hear strange noises. Booming thumps that are laughing at me for being so foolish, naive. I can't move, fear gripping me in it's ice cold fingers. I am a rabbit, terrified, hapless. I can feel a shadow lurking, hissing, laughing. Still the laughter. It never ceases.
Rachel? What have they done with Rachel?

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